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Secret Origins: 1982: Secret Origin of Flecha Verde

by PaladinLgt, with Doc Quantum
Secret Origins of Earth-2: The Five Earths Project
Decades after the Green Arrow of Mexico retired from crime-fighting, a new heroic archer has arisen to take Flecha Verde’s place as one of Mexico’s greatest heroes alongside other members of the Superamigos! But what led Colonel Ricardo Martinez to don the modernized costume of the legendary heroic archer? Finally, the events behind the creation of the modern-day Flecha Verde are revealed!

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Superman Family: Naughty or Nice

by Starsky Hutch 76
Superman Family of Earth-1: The Five Earths Project
Little Jasma Kent and Diana of Paradise Island have their hands full trying to save Christmas from the Krampus, who is punishing naughty children before the Yuletide season! But can even a Super Tot and a Wonder Tot stop this mythological menace?

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Batman and Green Arrow: Mixed Signals

by HarveyKent
The Brave and the Bold: The Five Earths Project
When the Blue Bowman begins a crime spree in Gotham City after many years, Batman can’t help but wonder if the Signalman has returned to crime under this old identity. But when this new Bowman proves to be better skilled than his predecessor, Batman may need Green Arrow’s help to capture this rival archer!

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Jonah Hex and Scalphunter: 1877: Full Moon Bounty

by Drivtaan
Weird Western Tales: The Five Earths Project
As a well-traveled bounty hunter, Jonah Hex has seen a lot of strange things in his day. But as he and Scalphunter follow the trail of a seemingly ordinary man to the town of Sundown, he turns out to be more than either of them had expected!

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Super-Stars of Space: The Universe and Mr. Leiber

by Libbylawrence, with Doc Quantum
Super-Stars of Space: The Five Earths Project
When cosmic energy strikes the Earth, astronaut Stacy Macklin is given another chance to become Lady Lunar, but this time as a super-heroine! And she is not the only one, as she meets several other heroes and villains in similar situations: Karb-Brak the Andromedan, Remoni-Notra the second Star Sapphire, Moonman, Pulsar, and Skyman! To learn the secret of their cosmically restored powers, they must embark on an epic voyage to outer space! Meanwhile, various worlds are bombarded by mind-controlled armies bent on destruction! Who is behind this cosmic conquest? And what has all this got to do with a humble bookstore owner named Julius Leiber? Guest starring the Honor Team of Thronn, Queen Bee, Ron-Avon, and Genia, and introducing Cobol the Starknight!

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Premiere: Pariah: All Access

by CSyphrett, with Doc Quantum
Premiere of Earth-4: The Five Earths Project
Is Pariah truly cursed to live forever apart from humanity as he has always believed, or can the powers he’s hated for so long finally become a blessing? Only the Mysterious Traveler knows for certain. Guest starring the Five Monitors, the Paragons, and Stardust the Super-Wizard, and introducing Access!

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Super-Team Family: Goose Egg Hour

by Steed703 and Doc Quantum
Super-Team Family: The Five Earths Project
Buddy Baker is just out shopping with his wife when a giant frog attacks Los Angeles! And who should come to his aid but a walking, talking turtle? Will any member of his team even believe his story long enough to help them stop the menace of Frogzilla in its tracks? Don’t miss this titanic team-up of Animal Man and Guy Gardner of the Conglomerate of Earth-One, and Fastback and Yankee Poodle of the Zoo Crew of Earth-C!

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DC Universe: Post-Race Reactions

by Doc Quantum, Christine Nightstar, and Farmer Sackett
DC Universe: The Race: The Five Earths Project
The race is finally over, but with the hostile Humanist Party in the White House, it’s hardly a happy ending for anyone. Kompera Lee sees this as a sign that America is failing, which is only compounded by the horrifying revelation that his daughter, Buffy Winter, is dating a super-hero! Meanwhile, Secret Service agent Rene Fortune tries to blow off some steam to make up for her failures, and finds an unlikely friendship with Matches Malone! A Gotham City archbishop takes the opportunity of the election to expose political corruption in both the Republican and Democratic parties, but will his superiors in the Illuminati be so understanding? Elsewhere, Doctor Mid-Nite mulls over a doctor’s responsibilities when his patient, a former super-hero and political mover and shaker, succumbs to senility! Finally, how will Maxwell Lord and Amanda Waller deal with the fallout of Jay Garrick’s accusation that they’re involved in the Illuminati?

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Showcase: The Gray Ghost

by Sandy Hausler
Showcase of Earth-2: The Five Earths Project
After handing over evidence of corruption to the district attorney, a dirty cop named Buddy Carter finds himself in hot water with the Mob, even though he doesn’t remember doing it! And if the hit man hired to take him out is successful, Buddy is a dead man! His only chance of surviving another day lies in an actual dead man — the Gray Ghost, the spirit of an old hero who has returned to the earthly realm to continue fighting the good fight, despite knowing nothing of his own past!

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Freedom Force: The Price of Freedom

by Philip-Todd Franklin
Freedom Force: The Five Earths Project
A young man named Hiroshi Tain struggles to understand how he has become an agent of Old Glory! More importantly, how can this Japanese-American become a member of Rick Flagg’s Freedom Force, when the old soldier already hates his guts? Meanwhile, as Hi-Jack continues to search out the Earth-X counterparts of his old allies, Amos Fortune and the Royal Flush Gang of Earth-One, has he inadvertently made an enemy who seeks his death? And what murderous dark force is destroying the Imperial Japanese fleet, one sailor at a time? Guest starring Plastic Man and Max Mercury, the former Quicksilver!

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The Books of Magic: The Spirit World

by Christine Nightstar
The Books of Magic: The Five Earths Project
In their second week of school, Timothy Hunter and his friends at the Grimoire Academy of Applied Knowledge begin learning all about the spirit world. In the process, they also discover their fellow students’ prejudices when Devin Burgess begins a humans-only campaign to make Naala the satyr feel unwelcome at school! Featuring a field trip to the dimension of Waypoint, where myths and legends converge, and destiny is decided!

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Whiz: Palette: 1960: Murder in the Evening

by Dan Swanson
Whiz: The Five Earths Project
When artist Alex Silverstone attends a play with her policewoman friend Donna Sparks, they expect nothing but a wonderful evening out! What they didn’t expect was to become witnesses to an actual murder! Can Palette use her power of visual projection to solve the crime before the killer gets away?

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Sentinels of Justice: Another Crisis on Earth-Four

by Libbylawrence
Sentinels of Justice: The Five Earths Project
A mysterious figure armed with power like that which destroyed universes during the Crisis on Infinite Earths begins gathering a horde of villains for a mission of evil and tempting heroes with offers they can’t refuse! Meanwhile, Ted Kord’s father is plotting against his own son in an attempt to force him to bend to his will by hiring an impostor to frame the Blue Beetle for a series of crimes! And a mysterious new hero called Supernova appears on the scene, but who is this masked man, and what is his purpose? Join the Sentinels of Justice as they battle evil on two fronts — on Earth versus a group of new villains called the Pseudo-Squad, and in outer space versus a threat to the universe itself! Introducing the Silver Scarab, and featuring the return of the greatest of all forgotten heroes!

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Showcase: Artemis: Momma’s Girl

by Immortalwildcat
Showcase of Earth-2: The Five Earths Project
Dealing with the death of a parent is hard enough. But when that parent was a super-villainess once called the Huntress and a sometime-heroine known as the Tigress, and you’re her heroic daughter Artemis Crock who has to break the news to your imprisoned father and sister, the Sportsmaster and Decathlon, it’s even harder! Guest starring the new Manhunter, the Council, and Wildcat!

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Justice Society of America: Black Sunset

by HarveyKent
Justice Society of America: The Five Earths Project
A new vigilante killer arises, targeting old, retired super-villains for extermination, with an alarming success rate! Meanwhile, a new super-villain begins humiliating members of the Justice Society of America, one by one! Can the JSA discover the truth about the Sunset Killer and stop the crime spree of Black Nemesis before their reputation is completely ruined? Guest starring Infinity Inc!

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