At the end of the Crisis on Infinite Earths, the last remaining universes were merged into one and became the current DC Comics Universe. But what if those five Earths were separated after the Crisis and continued on independent of each other? These stories explore what they’d be like.

The time is not long after the Crisis, except that in this continuity the last five universes, having briefly merged during the Crisis, have separated once more. The only parallel Earths to have survived the destruction of the Multiverse are Earths One, Two, X, S, and Four. One exception is Earth-Three, which was absorbed intact by the antimatter universe of Qward, where it now exists. And the humor-based cartoon worlds of Earths C and 12 are actually otherdimensional realms where the laws of comedy (rather than physics) apply.

The Five Earths Project began as a group of five Yahoo! Groups, where we post the first drafts of all stories before they are officially archived here. If you have an idea for a story for any of the groups below, please be sure to read our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) & Guidelines page. Then submit a brief story proposal at the Five Earths Project Writer’s List.

The Five Earths Yahoo! Groups

The JSA All-Star Story Site (Earth-2) | Yahoo! Group: The Justice Society of America was the first and greatest team of Earth Two. The original JSA lives on here, as do Infinity, Inc., the Seven Soldiers of Victory, and the other heroes of the golden age and the heirs to their legacy. If you’ve ever had an idea for a JSA story, this fan-fiction club would be the best place to write it. Join us as we thrill to the adventures of the JSA… our way. Read the Earth-2 stories here

Earth-1 After the Crisis | Yahoo! Group: Some say the DC Universe didn’t need a reboot, just better writing. This fan-fiction club is your chance to prove it, as we continue the saga of the heroes of Earth One after the Crisis, including the Superman and Batman Families, the classic JLA, the New Teen Titans, the Green Lantern Corps, the Outsiders, Captain Comet’s Forgotten Heroes, and the Legion of Super-Heroes in the far-flung future of the 30th Century. Read the Earth-1 stories here

Shazam! Earth-S Lives On | Yahoo! Group: Captain Marvel was always meant to be the big gun of his own world, but he hasn’t been the same since the Crisis on Infinite Earths. Here’s your chance to tell the story of the Marvel Family where they belong — on Earth-S. This fan-fiction club also features the other Fawcett heroes like Bulletman and Bulletgirl, Spy-Smasher, Ibis the Invincible, and even the mighty Isis and Kid Eternity. Read the Earth-S stories here

Earth-X the Fight Continues | Yahoo! Group: The Crisis on Infinite Earths is over, but for Earth-X the fight is just beginning. The Nazis have returned en masse, having used the opportunity of the Crisis to retake much of Europe and England, northern Africa, and even California, allied with a new Axis-controlled Japan. Join this fan-fiction club as we tell the continuing saga of the Freedom Fighters, the Blackhawks and the other citizens of Earth-X. Read the Earth-X stories here

Earth-4 Starting Over | Yahoo! Group: It’s the mid-1980s. Reagan is the U.S. President, Brezhnev is still the leader of the USSR on this world, and the Cold War between the NATO and the Iron Curtain nations is still in full force. In this fan-fiction club, we visit what happened to the Charlton characters of Earth Four, as well as the golden age heroes from the Fox Features comics and the THUNDER Agents. Join in and make some history. Read the Earth-4 stories here

Extended Members

Earth-3 Remembered | Yahoo! Group: Columbus discovered Europe. Benedict Arnold was the father of the US. Ghandi was one of the greatest tyrants in history. Lex Luthor is our most beloved hero. And the Crime Syndicate of America are the greatest villains of this world. Join us as we revisit Earth-3, once a very strange world in DC’s pre-Crisis multiverse and one which has been reincarnated as a part of the Antimatter Universe of Qward. Read the Earth-3 stories here

Zoo Crew on Earth-C | Yahoo! Group: Earth-C and Earth-C-Minus are the worlds of Captain Carrot and his amazing Zoo Crew and the JLA (Just’a Lotta Animals). What happened to them after the series was cancelled? Join this fan-fiction group for tales of the gone, but not forgotten, funny animals. Read the Earth-C stories here

Earth-12 the Farce Continues | Yahoo! Group: Earth-12 is the world of the Inferior Five, Sugar & Spike, Starman & Mikky the Nova-Boy, Prez, PLOP!, Jerry Lewis and Bob Hope, Binky and his buddies, and many more silly super-heroes and humor characters, including parodied and cartoonish versions of the JLA and other assorted super-heroes. It shouldn’t be taken too seriously. Here you’ll find new stories of humor characters and parodies of straight super-heroes that couldn’t work anywhere else. Read the Earth-12 stories here