Authors of the Five Earths Project

There have been many authors at the various Five Earths Project groups over the years. Some have come and gone, and others have continued writing. Most of these writers have used handles or nicknames rather than their own name.

This page will list all these authors with links to pages containing stories they’ve written as well as various other available biographical data, such as websites and contact information.

Doc Quantum

Also known as The Time Trust, Doc Quantum got hooked on comics as a child with Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew. But it wasn’t until Crisis on Infinite Earths and the accompanying Who’s Who series were released that he regularly began his comic-reading obsession. Picking up just as many back issues as new ones, Doc quickly grounded himself in the various versions of the DC Universe. Doc founded the first 5EP archives to store all the completed stories and began editing them for continuity and readability. After spending a few years with very little involvement in the 5EP, Doc has recently begun writing again and built the website. In his secret identity, Doc works as a copy writer and web developer.

Martin Maenza

Martin Maenza has been a DC Comics reader since the early 1970s. He was involved in the Five Earths Project primarily as an Earth-1 writer from the early part of the 2000s. Over a three-year period, he managed to complete over 150 tales, including a number of ongoing titles: Titans West, Secret Society of Super-Villains, and Dial H for Hero. While no longer currently active in writing for the Project (due to time constraints), he still enjoys reading the offerings and contributing to the Five Earths Forum. Website: World of Maenza