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Justice Society of America: Crisis Unfolding

by Libbylawrence
published December 18, 2001

The Justice Society of America is warned about the end of the Earth, but as they respond to prevent the planet’s destruction, are their actions actually contributing to the end of the world? Can even the world’s most powerful team overcome an inhuman creature made from elements of their mightiest members and remnants of the deadly energies of the Crisis on Infinite Earths?

Wildcat: Tyrolean Tears

by Brian K. Asbury
published January 14, 2002

When the son of an old friend goes missing in Austria along with a busload of college students, Wildcat goes on the hunt! But the case takes a strange turn when it turns out that neo-Nazis are behind the abductions, and the missing students are being turned into meta-human weapons! Introducing Whitefox, heroine of France!

Strange Adventures: Return to Rann

by CSyphrett
published October 24, 2001

After a failed execution on his planet for using forbidden technology, Sardath of Rann has stranded himself on Earth thanks to a one-way teleportation beam. Can the Hero Museum in California and an ancient Rannian ship discovered by Adam Blake in the 1960s help him find a way back home?

The Atom: Atomic Attraction

by Libbylawrence
published December 24, 2001

When a powerful super-villainess obsessed with the Atom wreaks havoc in Calvin City, the city’s favorite son finds himself under fire as citizens turn against him! But it will take all of the Atom’s might to put a stop to the new Cyclotron, and he may never be the same again!

Miss Terrific: Something New Every Day

by Immortalwildcat
published October 25, 2001

When Geri Sloane hires a computer expert to help streamline operations of the Fair Play Clubs, he comes with a lot of baggage. What mystery from his past still threatens Michael Holt, and why does he seem to know so much about Miss Terrific?

DC Universe: The Race, Book 2: Parasite

by Immortalwildcat, Vendikarr DeWuff and Starsky Hutch 76
published August 8, 2002

Jay Garrick, the Flash, is running for President of the United States, but not everyone is happy about it. If a super-hero can run for President, why not a super-villain? That’s what the Ultra-Humanite figures when he throws his own candidate into the ring. And what will his partner Alexis Luthor do when she finds out the Ultra-Humanite’s dark secret? Meanwhile, the Justice Society of America gains two new members, and Jay begins to feel the pressure of politics.

Hourman: Ralphie

by Starsky Hutch 76
published February 12, 2002

When Rick Tyler and Beth Chapel — alias Surge and Midnight of Infinity Inc. — find themselves in an unexpected predicament, they would tell you their situation is complicated. But to Hourman’s oldest son Ralphie Tyler, who still sees the world through the eyes of a child, the solution is fairly simple.

Red Arrow: Reel Life, Real Death

by HarveyKent
published November 3, 2001

Roy Harper is invited to the set of a remake of a classic movie, but when someone wants the remake stopped, people begin dying, while lurking in the shadows is Clayface! But with the original villain long dead, Red Arrow must find out who among a handful of suspects has enough of a motive for murder to become the new Clayface. Introducing Maggie O’Toole!

Starman: Stars Be My Destiny, Book 1: Sins of the Father

published August 12, 2001

The career of the promising second Starman, David Knight, comes to a sudden end when he is killed by a sniper’s bullet. But as the teenaged Jack Knight soon discovers, the man behind his brother’s murder is not only the original Starman’s worst enemy, but a man whom the family trusts implicitly! Now Jack must avenge his brother, but must he become the new Starman to do so?

Johnny Thunder: Peril of the Purple Priestess

by Libbylawrence
published October 24, 2001

Johnny Thunder is understandably concerned when his adopted daughter Peachy Pet has been avoiding him for a while. But is it a merely family crisis or something more sinister? What is the secret to the power of the Purple Priestess?

Starman: Stars Be My Destiny, Book 2: Zero Hour

published December 4, 2001

Jack Knight wants to be the new Starman to avenge his brother’s murder, but he’s completely unprepared for the training regimen that Wildcat has in store for him! Meanwhile, Doctor Mid-Nite tries to figure out what the Shade is up to. Guest starring Infinity Inc!

Showcase: Stretch O’Brien: Weekend in Vegas

by Martin Maenza
published October 18, 2001

It’s time for round two between Stretch O’Brien and Ape-Face, with the city of sin as the backdrop, and a few poor souls caught in the crossfire! As Stretch’s buddy Elvis would say, “Viva Las Vegas!”

Power Girl: A Lesson Before Dying

by Libbylawrence
published December 5, 2001

Power Girl becomes the helpless prisoner of a new foe, Doctor Kryptonite, who robs the girl of steel of her freedom, dignity, and ultimately her life. Can the ghost of an old friend help Kara Zor-L find her way back to life?

Superman: Heritage of Hatred

by Libbylawrence
published December 7, 2001

Superman’s friend, the reformed Kryptonian traitor Kil-Lor, has gone missing. But has that got anything to do with the mystery of an empty graveyard full of friends and foes alike? When Colonel Future and the Futurian — two of his deadliest foes — cook up a scheme involving the reanimation of corpses, is the Man of Steel prepared to take on an army of the walking dead that is irradiated with kryptonite?

The Spectre: Chance of a Ghost

by Libbylawrence
published December 21, 2001

When the Spectre passes judgment on a dark dimension, destroying it and all who live within, the Voice decides that the astral avenger must regain his humanity! Meanwhile, Jim Corrigan’s life hangs in the balance, and only the Spectre can save him by submitting to his mortal host once more! But can both the Spectre and Jim Corrigan swallow their pride enough to keep from losing everything?

Starman: Stars Be My Destiny, Book 3: Talking With Doris

published May 10, 2002

Jack Knight has made a lot of progress while training with Wildcat and Infinity Inc. But there’s still one major hurdle he has to overcome before he can become the new Starman: the anger he still feels over the death of his mother at a young age. Can the ghost of Doris Knight soothe her son’s troubled soul?

Starman: Stars Be My Destiny, Book 4: Homecoming

published July 15, 2002

Jack Knight finally completes his training and returns to Opal City as Starman to avenge his brother’s death at the hands of the Mist! What he finds is a new Mist, the daughter of the original, who seeks revenge of her own on the original Mist! But a stunning revelation promises to change the lives of the Knight family forever! Guest starring Infinity Inc., and introducing the new Star-Spangled Kid!

Green Lantern: Total Eclipse

by CSyphrett and JSAGL
published September 27, 2001

In one terrifying blow, a mysterious shadow being takes first the rings and powers of Green Lantern, Obsidian, and Jade, and then the young Scott triplets! When even the Justice Society is unable to prevent the kidnapping, what is Alan Scott to do?

The Brave and the Bold: Jade and Red Arrow: Star Search

by HarveyKent
published April 5, 2002

A young Hollywood celebrity has been kidnapped, and Infinity Inc.’s hard-traveling heroes Red Arrow and Jade vow to find him! Can they unravel the mystery in time, even while Jade still has no super-powers?

The Spectre: The Specter of Easter

An Easter Sunday story

by Gamma Xmen
published April 17, 2003

The Spectre’s mission on Earth is one of vengeance, but what form does that vengeance take on the sacred day of Easter?

Green Lantern: Ascension

by CSyphrett
published February 2, 2002

Alan and Molly Scott, alias Green Lantern and the Harlequin, have decided to search for their missing triplets, even if it takes them to the stars. But will that decision cost them Jade and Obsidian?

Green Lantern: The Emerald Guardians

by CSyphrett
published July 19, 2002

Green Lantern and his extended family find themselves scattered across the savage world of Thanagar, where they are caught between the rival forces of the Guardian and of the Light in a conflict they don’t understand! Now the Scott family must reunite and regain their powers before the war consumes them! But is there a traitor in their midst? Guest starring Obsidian, Jade, and Brainwave of Infinity Inc.!

Green Lantern: Lanterns and Flame

by Immortalwildcat and LadyObie33
published February 4, 2003

Upon their return from the planet Thanagar, Green Lantern, Jade, and Obsidian set out to discover the truth about Frances Kane. What they find is so much more. Looking in to the Black Shadow Society, enemies of the Silver Phoenix Order, leads to an epic battle in the dreaded Shadow Realm! Guest starring the Shade!

Wonder Woman: The Olympian Games

Part 1 of The Six Labors of Wonder Woman

by Libbylawrence
published February 15, 2002

Wonder Woman is ordered to defend her right to represent the Olympians by battling a new champion, Zha-Vam, who holds the power of numerous gods! But when the Olympians themselves are conquered by the fabled Titans, Princess Diana and Zha-Vam find themselves at the mercy of the gods!

Batman Family: Batwing: The Night Shift

by Starsky Hutch 76
published May 19, 2002

Life hasn’t been easy for Jason Todd, alias Batwing, and the last couple of years have brought many changes. Now he has to decide if those changes will be permanent ones, or if he’ll choose a more common path for his future.

Wonder Woman: Planet of the Apes

Part 2 of The Six Labors of Wonder Woman

by Libbylawrence
published April 5, 2002

Wonder Woman and Zha-Vam try to prevent the ape-woman Giganta from turning the humans of the world into her obedient apes, beginning with Cape Town, South Africa! Can an old forgotten hero of Africa help Princess Diana foil Giganta’s plot?

Secret Origins: The Goon

by Doc Quantum
published March 8, 2001

Jake Bennetti, nicknamed Bobo by the newspapers, was nothing more than a bank robber, a big thug with super-strength who fought a lot of super-heroes in the 1950s and ’60s. But when an opportunity comes by for Bobo to change his stripes, will he take it? Introducing the Goon!

Power Girl: Carrington

by Libbylawrence
published June 1, 2002

Klara Ellis is a typical Victorian debutante who is immediately enchanted by the dashing, adventurous Lord Carrington. But does this man of mystery hold secret dark intentions that may threaten Klara’s honor? How will Power Girl fight for a happy ending when she’s completely unaware that she’s living the life of a fictional character?

Batman Family: Red Robin and Blackwing: The Scourge

by Libbylawrence
published June 15, 2002

When a threat from Red Robin’s past emerges after twelve years to challenge him and all his allies, the former Boy Wonder teams up with Blackwing to take down the Scourge! But who is the real threat behind this madman? Discover the real reason Robin gave up his Batman-inspired gray costume back in 1975!

Power Girl: School Days

by Libbylawrence
published June 8, 2002

When Lois Kent’s teenage grand-niece Lucy is arrested for robbery, she calls in Power Girl to find out the real story. But she finds more than she expected when the case takes her to a private girls school as a student! Who is turning teenage heiresses into criminals?

Wonder Woman: The Siren Song of Death

Part 3 of The Six Labors of Wonder Woman

by Libbylawrence
published August 21, 2002

When Holly Darnell, daughter of Etta Candy Darnell, apparently commits murder, Wonder Woman must solve the mystery before her best friend’s daughter is found guilty of the crime! Could another of her old foes have returned to plague her anew?

Tales of Gotham City: Gotham City Stories

by Starsky Hutch 76, adapted from Pulp Fiction, screenplay by Quentin Tarantino and Roger Avary
published October 25, 2002

Floyd Lawton, alias Deadshot, has been dragged back into the crime game despite his best intentions. Unfortunately for him, he’s also a marked man. Franko Morelli, the Joker’s number one guy, is under orders to find a legitimate way to kill him. But a shared near-death experience has a way of changing these two older gentlemen’s viewpoints on making their way in the world. Meanwhile, Ted Grant’s protégé Carlos Ramirez is instructed to take a dive in his next fight, but Carlos has other ideas. When these personal Gotham City stories finally meet head to head, things take an explosive turn!

Power Girl: The Private Life of Karen Starr: My Dinner with Tracy

by Libbylawrence
published June 28, 2002

Karen Starr, alias Power Girl, finds more surprises than she expected when she takes a friend out for a birthday meal. Meet Tracy Owens, Karen’s personal assistant!

Showcase: Dragonmage: The Dragon of New York

by CSyphrett
published June 19, 2003

Years ago, Danny Leong’s father Victor — the Vigilante’s crime-fighting partner nicknamed Stuff, the Chinatown Kid — was murdered by the Dummy in a revenge plot against the Vigilante. But when rumors surface that the assassin who took the contract had a Chinatown connection, Danny investigates his father’s death in his old neighborhood. Can Dragonmage finally avenge his father’s murder after all these years, or will he become another victim of the assassin? Guest starring Billie Gunn of the Law’s Legionnaires!

Red Robin: The Heinrich Hoffman Murders

by Libbylawrence
published September 12, 2002

Red Robin and Batwing try to solve a series of bizarre murders. But how can the Dynamic Duo stop the next murder when the only apparent connection between the victims is the ironic ways they were killed?

Showcase: Obsidian: The Piano Woman

by LadyObie33
published March 5, 2004

Months ago, Frances Kane awoke after having been impersonated by a being called the Phoenix for nearly a year as part of an attempt to gain the power of the Starheart, and she’s been trying to get her life back in order ever since. Thankfully she has the help of a good friend in Obsidian of Infinity Inc.

Power Girl: The Ring’s the Thing

by Dan Swanson
published January 4, 2004

A young punk named Kool McCoo is made an agent of the Lords of Chaos, getting a power ring built to his own specifications! But when Power Girl discovers the lewd way he uses his ring’s powers, he may wish he’d never been born!

Secret Origins: Strobe: Master of the Glow

by Dan Swanson
published January 17, 2004

The glove and the globe, long-lost weapons of order, return to civilization after an absence of 100,000 years! An architect named Jim Chisholm is given the honor of being the first Galactic Patrolman in many millennia, but as he begins to control a power that responds to his every telepathic command, he quickly finds that using the power and mastering it are two very different things! With a little help, can Jim become the master of the glow? Guest starring Green Lantern, Wildcat, and Doctor Fate!

Showcase: Strobe: Rings of Ire

by Dan Swanson
published January 24, 2004

Can a brand new hero prevail against Power Ring and Sinestro? That’s the question Jim Chisholm must ask himself when he faces two villains with the powers of Green Lantern and Corona, who appear to be the villains from the Earth-Three and Earth-One universes, respectively! And even if he does defeat them both, how will Jim prevent the Lord of Chaos called Wotan from stealing his powerful weapons, the glove and the globe? Guest starring Doctor Fate and Wildcat!

The Brave and the Bold: Johnny Thunder and Strobe: Another Manic Monday

by Dan Swanson
published February 1, 2004

Jim Chisholm tries to adjust to the life of a new super-hero, which includes choosing a heroic name for his alter ego. But he never expected to find a bank robber called the Pack Rat to be as much of a challenge he is! Will the unexpected intervention of Johnny Thunder and his magic Thunderbolt cause the battle to be won or lost?

Aquaman: Sea Hunt

by Libbylawrence
published May 13, 2002

Prince Arthur’s eagerness to learn more about his heroic father’s career and origin leads him into perils from the original Aquaman’s past, including his old arch-enemy, Black Jack. Is the Aquaman of Infinity Inc. prepared to confront a fanatic claiming to be his own grandmother?

Doctor Mid-Nite: Scenes of the Crime

by Immortalwildcat
published May 11, 2006

While visiting Chicago, Dr. Charles McNider is on hand as a murder mystery unfolds at a hotel. Now Doctor Mid-Nite, with the help of a young bellboy, must solve this mystery before they become victims themselves! But even Mid-Nite, with his many years of experience, may still have something to learn from the example of this young man.

Doctor Occult and the Seven: Forgotten Legacies

by Drivtaan
published January 14, 2003

When a werewolf cult rears its ugly head after a fifty-year absence, Doctor Occult recruits a new team of adventurers to take up the mantles of old heroic legacies as the new Seven! Introducing the Hood, Kelli Lockhart, and Detective Brian Walker, and guest starring the King, the Witch, Rick Raleigh Jr., and Hourman!

The Brave and the Bold: Red Robin and Hawkgirl: Faces

by Libbylawrence
published February 21, 2003

Red Robin and Hawkgirl try to save face when they battle Mademoiselle Fantome and her manservant, who have a ray that can completely remove a person’s facial features! But when they track down this French villainess to her hideout, are the heroes prepared for a loss of memory?

Power Girl: My Killer Unknown

by Libbylawrence
published December 21, 2002

While at a computer convention in Washington, D.C., Power Girl encounters a mysterious female fugitive with super-powers and amnesia! Can she help the young woman figure out who she is and why she’s on the run? Meanwhile, Karen Starr learns that secret identities are harder to keep than she thought!

Justice Society of America: American Nightmare

by Libbylawrence
published December 28, 2002

A mystery-woman with amazing super-powers leads the Justice Society of America to investigate an organization founded upon the principle that all men are created equal — even if that means destroying all those who have super-powers! Will the JSA triumph over a team created especially to wipe them out of existence when they meet the American Brigade? Introducing the JSA’s newest honorary member, Lady Danger!

Wonder Woman: The Green-Eyed Monster

Part 4 of The Six Labors of Wonder Woman

by Libbylawrence
published July 17, 2003

When Wonder Woman is summoned on her next mission by the Titans, she finds danger in Japan in the form of a Green-Eyed Monster created by her old foe, Doctor Poison! And she ends up receiving unexpected help in the form of a super-powered mutant teenager named Toshi Shiomi, who becomes Wonder Girl!

DC Universe: Comes a Hero

by Blackwolf247
published December 23, 2004

The small city of Seminole, Florida, is shocked by news of the horrible murder of four small children during hurricane season! But that is only a small part of the strange and mysterious events that soon occur, raising more questions than answers! Who is the mysterious woman in black? What is the mystery of the deep hole on Frenchman Road? What is the source of the strange disease afflicting the people in the city? Why is the police chief suddenly acting like a completely different person in the midst of this crisis? And will the child-killer ever be brought to justice for his horrific crimes? Featuring the Crimson Avenger’s nephew, Terry Lee Travis! Guest starring Superman and a very unique time traveler!

Superman Family: Superboy and Clark Kent: Familiar Faces

by Libbylawrence and Starsky Hutch 76
published April 18, 2003

Superboy finds himself back in time in the early 1930s, where he encounters a familiar face — his foster-father Clark Kent as a teenager, who mistakes him for Superboy of Earth-One! Can Superboy get to know his dad’s younger self without messing up the timeline of the boy who would one day become Superman?

The Huntress: Military Murder

by Immortalwildcat
published October 14, 2002

Visiting San Diego, the Huntress investigates an open-and-shut murder case… or is it? Can the daughter of the Bat avoid becoming the next victim while hunting down the clues at a U.S. Marine Corps base?

Superman: Future Generation

by Goose Gansler
published May 14, 2003

Superman hatches a plan, with Superboy’s help, to finally bring Colonel Future to justice for his murder of Kil-Lor. But what part does the mysterious Futuro have to play? Guest starring Craig King!

Batman Family: Who Laughs Last?

by Libbylawrence
published May 30, 2003

The Huntress, Red Robin, and Batwing are in for the fight of their lives when they face the combined might of the Round Table of Crime, including the Penguin, Killer Moth, Harley Quinn, and the Joker himself! But is there more to the return of the Clown Prince of Crime than meets the eye? Guest starring Blackwing and Redbird!

Power Girl: Action Figures

by Libbylawrence
published June 6, 2003

Power Girl finds herself battling a trio of living dolls when the Toyman exacts his revenge! But who has the resources to grant super-powers to Big Barbi, Plaything, and Rainbow Sprite, and what is the true purpose behind these shenanigans?

Secret Origins: Air Wave: Making Waves

by Bejammin2000
published October 8, 2003

When Ilyssa Jordan discovers in her grandfather’s attic a costume with an amazing belt that allows her to fly, it’s not long before a new, teenage Air Wave takes to the skies over Portland, Oregon! But can this rookie super-heroine take on Fireball, her first super-villain, without getting burnt herself? Guest starring Superman and Wildcat!

Doctor Occult and the Seven: Spiritual Training

by Drivtaan
published January 16, 2004

Doctor Occult provides the Hood with special combat training from an unexpected and most unique source: the Batman!

DC Universe: Fear the Dark

by Drivtaan, Starsky Hutch 76, Immortalwildcat and Doc Quantum, with Gamma Xmen, GDL629 19136 and JSAGL
published December 5, 2003

Go to sleep, or the Boogeyman will get you! Kids the world over have been scared of both the Boogeyman and the dark since time immemorial. But when this supposed fairy tale character begins scaring and then attacking children, the Junior JSA finds itself in its most dangerous case ever! With the members of the Justice Society of America finding it difficult to believe what the kids are seeing, can the young heroes prevail over the fearsome Teggarimor, the Boogeyman? Featuring several guest stars and a few unexpected heroes!

The Spectre: Help from Beyond: A Tale of the Supernatural

by Bejammin2000
published October 17, 2003

The descendant of a certain flying ace from the Great War receives help from beyond, while the Spectre sees an old soul go to his final reward.

The Ghost Patrol: Three

by Drivtaan
published October 14, 2003

When five bank robbers steal away to an old, abandoned house on the outskirts of Keystone City, hoping to lie low until the heat dies down, have they stumbled onto a haunted house? But what can ghosts — even three of them — do against the living, anyway? Plenty, when they’re the Ghost Patrol!

The Witching Hour: The Sleepwalker

by Doc Quantum
published October 29, 2013

Clifford Nathaniel Anderson is an extremely tense, uptight accountant forced to go on his first vacation in five years. But as he visits the small, South Seas island nation of Badhnisia while a murderer is on the loose, he keeps having these strange blackouts that last for hours at a time. Could the small amulet he bought from one of the locals have anything to do with it? Guest starring Johnny Thunder and his Thunderbolt, Daisy Thunder, Will Power, and Kiku!

Hawkman and Hawkgirl: The Hunted

by Libbylawrence
published February 12, 2003

The winged wonders find themselves targets in an ancient and deadly game of life and death when an ancient Egyptian artifact draws a group of Egyptian deities to Earth! When Hawkman and Hawkgirl are hunted by the gods themselves, where can they turn for help? And will an encounter with the fabled hawk god change their lives forever?

The Huntress: All the World Loathes a Clown

by Libbylawrence
published November 1, 2004

When Harley Quinn vows to create a club of villains to honor her criminal father, the Huntress finds herself in a race across Europe to stop a series of Joker-inspired crimes! But when she is outnumbered by the Joker’s daughter and that villainess’ Jokers of All Nations, the Huntress relies upon the help of the various international champions in the Club of Heroes who were inspired by the Batman and herself! Introducing the new Squire of England and Cacciatrice, the Italian Huntress!

Doctor Occult and the Seven: The Devil You Say

by Drivtaan
published October 2, 2004

Whatever happened to El Diablo, alias Lazarus Lane? An old book tells Doctor Occult part of the story, at least until the mid-1930s, but only a quest to a remote location in Spain will fill in the rest of the answers. But what leads Occult, accompanied by Lane and his new team, to travel to another dimension on a quest?

The Flash: The Epilogue

by Drivtaan
published February 12, 2004

It is said that death is no respecter of person or place, and apparently, it isn’t hampered by time, either. As it unites the past and the future, Jay Garrick, the original Flash, is given the opportunity to say goodbye to two men who were very important in his life.


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