Adam Blake: 1954: Blake’s Seven, Epilogue: All In

by CSyphrett

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The seven adventurers gathered in Adam Blake’s block of buildings in Gotham City a week later.

“It appears that everything has returned to normal with Milo’s death,” said Blake. “Stopping his digging has halted the unnatural seismic activity.” But Adam Blake knew that Hector Milo had two younger brothers who had the same criminal bent as he had; Professor Achilles Milo and Professor Ajax Milo were both chemistry geniuses from Gotham City who were known to have worked with the criminal underworld, though Achilles was the more notorious of the two. (*) Blake would keep his eye out for the brothers to surface.

[(*) Editor’s note: Professor Achilles Milo and Professor Ajax Milo would later menace Batman; the Earth-One versions of these stories, upon which the Earth-Two versions are based, are “The Man Who Ended Batman’s Career,” Detective Comics #147 (September, 1957) and “Am I Really Batman?” Batman #112 (December, 1957).]

“The papers don’t know what happened in the Pacific,” said Twitch. “We could make a mint selling the story.”

“No!” chorused the others.

“It was just an idea,” said the stool pigeon.

“Maybe one day,” said Blake, “but not today, or tomorrow, or the next. I still have things to look into, and publicity would make that harder than necessary.”

“You still paying good?” asked Cully Morrigan.

Blake nodded.

“Then you count all of us in,” said Hop Harrigan, smiling.

The End

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