Adam Blake: 1954: Blake’s Joke, Epilogue: Under the Mask

by CSyphrett

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Batman waited in the other room while the Joker and his minions were hauled away by the authorities. Hopefully the locals could hold him until he was extradited back to Gotham City. When the room was clear, the caped crusader returned to talk to Kathy Kane Carson and the agents.

“You’re not Batman, are you?” Kathy stated with a smile.

“You are correct, Mrs. Carson,” said the cowled man. He pulled mask and cowl away to reveal the placid features and metallic green eyes of Adam Blake. “A small joke on my part, I am afraid.”

“I wish the Joker was here now,” said Twitch with a huge grin. “He about went in his pants when he saw that cowl.”

Mrs. Carson?” said Cully.

“You knew the Joker was Bobo, didn’t you?” asked Kathy. “That’s why you had the two masks prepared.”

“Mrs. Kathleen Marie Kane Carson, the owner of the Hillman Brothers Circus,” said Blake. “This is Hop Harrigan, Cully Morrigan, and Paul Twitchell. No, Mrs. Carson, I did not know it. I am afraid several fingerprints on the ransom note matched those of the Joker and his associate, Franko Morelli. The rest was a matter of conjecture that was proven true.”

“Unbelievable,” said Kathy. “I have to admit I was surprised as the Joker to see Batman’s cowl under Bobo’s face. Thank you for your help.”

“A bill will be in the mail,” said Blake. “You can keep the contents of the equipment case, if you want them.”

“Wait a minute,” said Cully. “I flattened both of your tires. How did you get here in the first place?”

Blake led the way out of the room as Kathy told Morrigan with heated words what she thought of him for that. His immobile face almost drew up in a small smile as he headed down the hall.

Laughter followed as Hop and Twitch listened to the berating their colleague was receiving. He gave them a dirty look, but said nothing to halt the flow of words.

The End

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