All-Star Squadron: 1942: Funny-Paper Love

All-Star Squadron: The Five Earths Project

All-Star Squadron

Times Past, 1942

Funny-Paper Love

by Doc Quantum, adapted from Superman #19 by Jerry Siegel and John Sikela, and All-Star Squadron #64 by Roy Thomas and Wayne Boring

Liberty Belle and Johnny Quick are as surprised as anyone to learn that villains straight out of the comic-strips are attacking Metropolis en masse! But as they spend that day recruiting help from fellow team members of the All-Star Squadron, in between making plans for their impending nuptials, they find that Superman and Lois Lane already have the situation well in hand with a comic-strip team of their own!

Author’s note: This story, based on both “Case of the Funny Paper Crimes,” by Jerry Siegel and John Sikela, Superman #19 and “See You in the Funny Papers,” by Roy Thomas and Wayne Boring, All-Star Squadron #64, was written in an attempt to reconcile the two stories as merely different points of view of the same events.

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