All-Star Squadron: The World on Fire Again, Prologue: Marked for Death

by Libbylawrence

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Libby Lawrence looked out over the crowd of onlookers. She had no fear of public speaking and never had been shy. Her blonde locks fell forward in their customary style, and she wore a simple but attractive pink dress.

“Look at her!” said a woman in the crowd. “I’d like to have the name of her plastic surgeon! She looks like a teenager!

Yeah, those curves — I’m looking, thought her ex-husband Johnny Chambers, who was watching from the crowd.

“I am honored to be selected as the spokewoman for the new D-Day monument to be unveiled in a week,” said Libby. “I feel it is a humbling experience to be asked to be one of the so-called faces of World War II. This monument is to all those who fought and died for freedom. The quest for liberty is a sacred one that took me from Poland and the death of my father to France and on to my swim across the English Channel to Dover. I will never forget that fateful journey or the struggle it was a part of, for me and for the world at large. We must never forget the lessons of the past as we work for a brighter future!”

Applause rang out, and a handsome man approached the beautiful blonde. “Libby, on behalf of us all, I thank you for everything,” said Senator David Pressman, an aspiring presidential candidate. “This final press junket before the unveiling has been splendid!”

As Libby smiled, a female form flew into view. Her long blonde hair and odd white costume stood starkly out in the morning sunlight. One leg was bare, as was one metal arm. Fire jetted around her like an unholy nimbus.

“We of the Aryan Nation also remember!” she cried as she generated flames across the crowd. “You will be the first of the Fatherland’s old foes to burn — but by no means will you be the last!”

Libby leaped for cover, as did the senator. While he ducked to confer with his aide Aldrich, she switched out of her beautiful dress into the costume of the all-American girl, Liberty Belle.

Neo-Nazis, no less — that surely sounds like a call to duty for this freedom-fighting blonde, she mused as she charged back out. The flames spread as she faced her foe.

“Liberty Belle, you are most welcome here!” sneered the blonde called Heatmonger. “You and your entire All-Star Squadron have been marked for death at the iron hands of the Aryan Nation!”

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