Batman: 1958: The Brave and the Bold, Prologue, 1986: The Box

by Libbylawrence

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Power Girl yawned as she sat draped over a chair in the Batcave. “Where is the Gambler when you need someone to punch?” she sighed.

A laugh echoed behind the pretty blonde, and she turned to see her fiancé Red Robin drop down from above. “We’ll see if the warden will let him out due to ‘bored Kryptonian in search of fun,'” he teased.

“Oh come on! It’s not like that old creep and the rest of his geriatric buddies like the Fiddler don’t use the prison like their own personal revolving doors!” she said, smiling.

Red Robin nodded and messed up her blonde hair. “You really need to relax and enjoy the downtime more,” he said. “Otherwise, we’ll have to hang a sign on your chest that reads ‘Kara bored! Kara smash!'”

Power Girl nodded. “OK, OK! I’m playing into your hands with this, but here goes: Tell me a Batman story… please!

Red Robin smiled and sat down. “OK, somebody record this moment for posterity. Power Girl actually asked for a history lesson!”

“Hey, you know you love it!” she replied. “Now, tell me about… oh… that weird box!” she said, a gleam in her eyes.

Red Robin nodded. “Good choice! It all started back in 1958…”

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