Batman: Times Past: Sketches of the Caped Crusader, Chapter 7: 1979: Sweet Memories

by Andrew Troy Keller

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It was a hot summer day in the city of Gotham, and Helena Wayne — also known as the Huntress — had taken a break from crime-fighting to observe something from on top of one of the city’s many rooftops.

That something was the city’s own public park, which held special fond memories for the Batman’s daughter, those of love, happiness, and a loving family that was once together before first her mother three years ago and then her father just a few months ago were struck down by criminals.

Suddenly, a lone figure landed behind the heavy-hearted Huntress and asked, “Penny for your thoughts?”

After the shocked Huntress turned around, she was relieved to discover that it was her fellow JSA member Robin, alias Richard Grayson, who was behind her.

“Oh, it’s only you, Dick,” said the Huntress as she turned back toward the sight of the beautiful park. “I’m sorry, Dick. It’s just that park down there.”

“What about it?” asked a confused Robin.

“It was the same park that my mom and dad took me to when I was just a little baby,” answered a teary-eyed Huntress. “Ever since then, I’ve fallen in love with that park.”

“But…?” asked a concerned Robin.

“But then reality came crashing through my perfect world,” answered the Huntress as she lowered her head in grief, “in the form of criminals who murdered both Catwoman and the Batman.”

“In other words, that park down there reminds you of your mom and dad,” said an understanding Robin.

“You’ve got it,” answered the Huntress as she wiped the tears from her eyes.

“Look, Helena,” began the former boy wonder. But before he could finish the rest of his speech, a scream came from inside the park.

As soon as they both looked, a scruffy-looking man ran out of the park carrying a baby — who was crying loudly for his mother — over his shoulder.

Suddenly, and without hesitation, the grim-faced Huntress swooped down from her rooftop perch and landed in front of the kidnapper. Swiftly grabbing the baby from the kidnapper and placing him safely on the ground, she had started to kick and claw the living daylights out of the would-be kidnapper.

Robin, who had landed next to the hot-tempered Huntress, suddenly grabbed her hand and said, “Huntress, that is enough!”

After she calmed down a little bit, the Huntress looked at the kidnapper with angry eyes and said, “If I ever catch you pulling a stupid stunt like that again, I’ll really give you something to worry about!” At that, she swiftly subdued him.

As she gift-wrapped the now-terrified kidnapper for Gotham’s finest, the baby’s mother ran out of the park, relieved to discover her baby safe and sound next to two members of the Justice Society.

Picking up her baby, the mother turned toward the crime-fighters, smiled, and said, “I’m ever so grateful that you’ve got my baby back for me. God bless you both.”

“It was no trouble, ma’am,” said a humble Robin.

“Yes,” said the Huntress, who looked up in the sky and saw the images of her mother and father in the clouds. “No trouble at all.”

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