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Times Past

Secret Origins: Batman: Times Past, 1924: The Proper Thing to Do

by Drivtaan
published August 5, 2007

A typically happy day in the life of a very young Bruce Wayne turns into a night of tragedy, a night that he will never forget, when his parents take him out for an evening at the cinema. It’s the tale of the day that gave birth to the Batman in a way you’ve never seen before — through young Bruce’s own eyes!

Secret Files: Batman: Times Past, 1924: Christmas Memories

by Drivtaan
published December 21, 2005

It is Bruce Wayne’s first Christmas since the death of his parents earlier that year, and he feels utterly lost. Jarvis Beagle, the Wayne family butler, takes him to visit England in the hopes that a different environment might help cheer up the boy. But will it be the butler’s son, an actor named Alfred, who leaves the future Batman with this year’s best Christmas memories?

Batman: Times Past, 1941: Secrets

by Dave Barnowski
published January 15, 2008

When Bruce Wayne’s Uncle Philip is being blackmailed, he turns to Batman for help. But Bruce must first realize the shocking truth that his uncle knows his own secret! And as Batman goes into action against a gang of blackmailers, Philip Wayne proves he’s no slouch as a fighter himself!

The Brave and the Bold: Batman and Doctor Mid-Nite: Times Past, 1942: Death Has Many Doors

by HarveyKent
published March 7, 2001

Grave-robbing and mysterious murders put the JSA’s Men of the Night on the trail of a mad scientist working for the Third Reich! What is the madman’s connection to Bruce Wayne and Charles McNider?

The Brave and the Bold: Times Past, 1943: Get Lucky

by Drivtaan
published September 24, 2005

The FBI sends a man undercover to protect Lucky Luciano while he is in prison, and he takes the name of a missing crook named “Eel” O’Brian. But just who is this brave man of mystery? And which bold young daredevil will provide him the crucial information he needs from the outside?

Batman: Times Past, 1949: Death on Ice

by Libbylawrence
published December 30, 1999

Investigating a murder at an ice skating competition, Batman and Robin find themselves on thin ice when a new villainess attacks! Can the Dynamic Duo discover the Golden Glider’s identity before she claims her next victim?

All-Star: Times Past, 1950: War of the Water Worlds

by Libbylawrence
published April 15, 2001

Batman, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman have each encountered city-states that survived the ancient sinking of Atlantis, with survivors that include both air-breathers and water-breathers. But now an unknown foe seeks to take over all the water worlds through war! Can the assembled heroes bring peace to the cities of Atlantis when a legion of crafty foes want their deaths? And is a nomadic Aquaman ready to become king of all Atlantis? Guest starring Johnny Thunder, and introducing Imperius of New Rome!

The Brave and the Bold: Batman and Doctor Mid-Nite: Times Past, 1953: Bring Me Myra Mason

by Libbylawrence
published December 28, 1999

When Myra Mason is abducted by a lovestruck Gorilla Boss of Gotham City and forced into an impromptu wedding, Doctor Mid-Nite seeks out the help of Batman and Robin, the dynamic duo, to help the blind hero rescue his nurse!

World’s Best: Superman and Batman: Times Past, 1958: Suspicious Minds

by HarveyKent
published December 5, 2001

It is 1958, and tensions threaten to tear the World’s Best team apart when the Daily Star is attacked by someone who wants to stop the printing of a special issue! At the top of Clark Kent’s list of suspects: Selina Wayne! Can the friendship of Superman and Batman survive even if the former Catwoman is innocent?

Batman: Times Past, 1958: The Brave and the Bold

by Libbylawrence
published December 28, 2000

When Batwoman is poisoned by a rare herb in an ancient box, Batman is forced to go on a race through time itself to find a cure! But as he encounters some of history’s finest heroes, he also keeps running into the same immortal foe, but in reverse order! Guest starring the Viking Prince, the Silent Knight, and the Golden Gladiator!

World’s Best: Superman and Batman: Times Past, 1959: ‘Tis the Season for Death

by Libbylawrence
published September 1, 2000

Superman, Batman, and Robin all try to enjoy the Christmas holiday, but old insect-themed foes and a revenge-seeking new one try to ruin their fun! Can Batman’s wife, the former Catwoman, save the day where the World’s Best team fails?

Batman: Times Past, 1978: Merry Christmas, Mr. Batman

by Immortalwildcat
published January 13, 2009

Quick question: When was the last time Bruce Wayne, the original Batman, wore his cape and cowl before his death in 1979? If you said when his wife Selina (Catwoman) died, you haven’t read this story. This is the story of the Batman’s last Christmas. And this is also the one and only team-up story between the Batman and the Huntress. It’s been ten years since then, and now Helena Wayne (the Huntress) is finally ready to reveal that tale for her adopted daughter Sonia.

Batman: Times Past: Sketches of the Caped Crusader

by Nadra Enzi and Andrew Troy Keller
published January 13, 2009

What was the Batman of Earth-2 like? What did he do between his published adventures? These short sketches show glimpses of the life of Batman, including his activities during World War II and his meeting with an African-American hero during the tumultuous Civil Rights era of the mid-1960s. We are also treated to a glimpse of the grown-up Robin shortly after taking over the retired Batman’s crime-fighting duties, and we observe the mourning period of Batman’s daughter Helena Wayne, the Huntress.

Late 1985 to 1986

Showcase: Flamebird: At Grandmother’s Beck and Call

A Crawling from the Wreckage crossover

by Immortalwildcat
published March 20, 2000

Out of the ashes of tragedy, a new heroine is born in the days following the Crisis! When the granddaughter of Kathy Carson (nee Kane, alias Batwoman) goes to live with her, they become caught in the crosshairs of a dangerous criminal’s scheme, and Flamebird is born. Carrying on her grandmother’s heroic legacy, can Flamebird outthink the devious mind of the Thinker even without the help of Red Robin and Power Girl?

Red Robin: Auld Lang Syne

by Starsky Hutch 76
published May 12, 2000

Karen Starr has just started a new job at STAR Labs under Will Magnus and Chuck Grayson. Unfortunately, their latest discovery has drawn the attention of the Joker and his daughter, Harley Quinn. When Power Girl is taken out, it’s up to Red Robin and Batwing to come to the rescue! Introducing the new Robotman!

Red Robin: The Dark Knight Returns

by Ben Sloane
published August 22, 2000

The criminals of Gotham City have a new Dynamic Duo to worry about when Batman II and Robin II appear on the scene! However, these carbon-copy caped crusaders are also a concern to Red Robin and Batwing. Who are they, and what connection do they have to the Batman Family?

World’s Best: Power Girl and the Huntress: Power (Girl) Mad

by Libbylawrence
published October 6, 2000

Has Power Girl truly bared all, or could an evil twin be behind her exposed behind? But it soon becomes apparent to the Huntress that the real problem is that Kara Zor-L is quickly slipping into a fantasy world in which she’s living a normal life on Krypton! Can this World’s Best duo find the answers in time to stop the double Kryptonian threat of Nike and Kil-Lor? Guest starring Superman and the JSA!

World’s Best: Power Girl and the Huntress: Survivor

by Libbylawrence
published October 13, 2000

While searching for the missing Johnny Thunder, Power Girl finds herself powerless on an island that has Krypton’s environment. Even worse, the island’s ruler Vance Corlin plans to make her his unwilling bride, and he has the strength to make her submit to his will! Can the Huntress overcome the tremendous Kryptonian gravity of the island to rescue Kara Zor-L before she falls prey to a fate worse than death? Featuring the one and only appearance of the new Nightwing!

Batman Family: Family Legacy

by Libbylawrence
published November 6, 2000

When an unknown enemy sets out to destroy everyone and everything associated with the legacy of the late Batman, it’s left to Red Robin and the Huntress to put an end to it before anyone else is killed! But how can this enemy or enemies know so much about the secrets of the Batman family? Guest starring Superman, Power Girl, the Justice Society of America, and other guest stars!

The Huntress: Ninth Life

by Libbylawrence, with Immortalwildcat
published December 22, 2000

A series of cat-related crimes sparks the appearance of a slinky new Catwoman in Gotham City, but while the Huntress suspects Yolanda Montez, the heroic Catwoman of Infinity Inc., the truth is even stranger! Introducing the Queen of Cats!

World’s Best: Time Bomb

by Libbylawrence
published November 21, 2000

A bomb displaces Superman, Red Robin, Lois Lane Kent, and Power Girl through the time-stream! In Camelot, Superman assists his adoptive ancestor Brian Kent the Silent Knight against another descendant — Harvey Kent, alias the criminal Two-Face! In the 1920s, Red Robin meets a young Bruce Wayne in training as the original Robin with detective Harvey Harris! In the 30th century, Lois Kent helps Craig King, the Superman of that era, against a menace from the past! And Power Girl is sent back to the 1950s, where she assists Team Justice as Lightning Girl!

Red Robin: Demon’s Daughter

by MrFox712 and Libbylawrence
published July 2, 2002

Red Robin meets his match in Talia al Ghul, an exotic and ancient beauty who offers him the choice of the world or a painful death! Can the former partner of the Dark Knight best the Daughter of the Demon before she succeeds in her plans for the destruction of modern civilization?

Flamebird: Training Day

by Sandy Hausler and Vendikarr DeWuff
published July 15, 2012

Beth Kane is turning sixteen years old, and her grandmother — the former Batwoman — has a very special day planned for her, including a training session with a JSA member! But when Beth arrives at JSA Headquarters, expecting to train with Power Girl or Wonder Woman, she’s stunned to be greeted by none other than Ma Hunkel, the elderly original Red Tornado! Not only that, but Beth must stop a bank robbery without using her Flamebird powers! Guest starring the Justice Society of America!

The Huntress: Night Moves

by Libbylawrence
published March 27, 2001

The Huntress has her hands full protecting Gotham City with several new threats on the horizon, including the cop-killer called the Wraith, the crazed vigilante known as Vengeance, the identity-stealer called Mademoiselle Fantom, and the knight called Lady Crimson! But she also has to deal with the return of the Crimelord, Earthworm, and Lady Bane, daughter of Professor Hugo Strange! Can even the daughter of the Bat see her city safely through this crisis alone? Guest starring Blackwing, and featuring the debut and short career of his crime-fighting partner, Redbird!

World’s Best: Power Girl and Red Robin: Dark Knights: Final Fright

by Libbylawrence
published May 5, 2001

The Scarecrow is dead, but which one of his insane children will truly be his heir? The Crane siblings set out to prove their right to the Scarecrow legacy, and only one can be the victor! Can Red Robin and Power Girl put an end to the plans of the Scarecrow’s progeny before the city knuckles under the weight of mass hysteria? Guest starring Blackwing and the new Redbird!

The Huntress: No Regrets

by HarveyKent
published May 15, 2001

When the Huntress meets an old enemy of her father’s in an unexpected place, she has the opportunity to help grant him his final wish. Guest starring the Justice Society of America!

The Huntress: Legacy

Part 5 of JSA: A Thunder God Among Us

published January 9, 2002

When the Huntress brings Thor to an orphanage, she shows the god of thunder that there’s more to being a hero than merely vanquishing one’s foes!

Red Robin: Father Issues

Part 6 of JSA: A Thunder God Among Us

by Starsky Hutch 76
published March 22, 2002

Red Robin and Batwing have a rematch with Harley Quinn when she kidnaps a group of scientists to make them bring her father, the Joker, out of his chemically induced coma. And when Thor busts loose, he finds that the glory of battle befitting the gods has not left the Earth! Can the god of thunder step out of the shadow of the All-Father and find his own way again?

The Huntress: The Better to Kill You With

by Libbylawrence
published June 15, 2001

When powerful new villainesses hit Gotham City, each having the same glowing cat’s eyes, the Huntress is on the case! And since only Wayne holdings are targeted, Helena Wayne realizes that her criminal cousin Michelle Kyle, the Queen of Cats, is also on the prowl! But is the Huntress prepared for the cat’s eye treatment herself?


Batman Family: Batwing: The Night Shift

by Starsky Hutch 76
published May 19, 2002

Life hasn’t been easy for Jason Todd, alias Batwing, and the last couple of years have brought many changes. Now he has to decide if those changes will be permanent ones, or if he’ll choose a more common path for his future.

Batman Family: Red Robin and Blackwing: The Scourge

by Libbylawrence
published June 15, 2002

When a threat from Red Robin’s past emerges after twelve years to challenge him and all his allies, the former Boy Wonder teams up with Blackwing to take down the Scourge! But who is the real threat behind this madman? Discover the real reason Robin gave up his Batman-inspired gray costume back in 1975!

Tales of Gotham City: Gotham City Stories

by Starsky Hutch 76, adapted from Pulp Fiction, screenplay by Quentin Tarantino and Roger Avary
published October 25, 2002

Floyd Lawton, alias Deadshot, has been dragged back into the crime game despite his best intentions. Unfortunately for him, he’s also a marked man. Franko Morelli, the Joker’s number one guy, is under orders to find a legitimate way to kill him. But a shared near-death experience has a way of changing these two older gentlemen’s viewpoints on making their way in the world. Meanwhile, Ted Grant’s protégé Carlos Ramirez is instructed to take a dive in his next fight, but Carlos has other ideas. When these personal Gotham City stories finally meet head to head, things take an explosive turn!

Red Robin: The Heinrich Hoffman Murders

by Libbylawrence
published September 12, 2002

Red Robin and Batwing try to solve a series of bizarre murders. But how can the Dynamic Duo stop the next murder when the only apparent connection between the victims is the ironic ways they were killed?

The Brave and the Bold: Red Robin and Hawkgirl: Faces

by Libbylawrence
published February 21, 2003

Red Robin and Hawkgirl try to save face when they battle Mademoiselle Fantome and her manservant, who have a ray that can completely remove a person’s facial features! But when they track down this French villainess to her hideout, are the heroes prepared for a loss of memory?

The Huntress: Military Murder

by Immortalwildcat
published October 14, 2002

Visiting San Diego, the Huntress investigates an open-and-shut murder case… or is it? Can the daughter of the Bat avoid becoming the next victim while hunting down the clues at a U.S. Marine Corps base?

Batman Family: Who Laughs Last?

by Libbylawrence
published May 30, 2003

The Huntress, Red Robin, and Batwing are in for the fight of their lives when they face the combined might of the Round Table of Crime, including the Penguin, Killer Moth, Harley Quinn, and the Joker himself! But is there more to the return of the Clown Prince of Crime than meets the eye? Guest starring Blackwing and Redbird!

The Huntress: All the World Loathes a Clown

by Libbylawrence
published November 1, 2004

When Harley Quinn vows to create a club of villains to honor her criminal father, the Huntress finds herself in a race across Europe to stop a series of Joker-inspired crimes! But when she is outnumbered by the Joker’s daughter and that villainess’ Jokers of All Nations, the Huntress relies upon the help of the various international champions in the Club of Heroes who were inspired by the Batman and herself! Introducing the new Squire of England and Cacciatrice, the Italian Huntress!


The Huntress: Aces and Eights

by Bejammin2000, with Immortalwildcat
published August 8, 2004

While raiding a gambling den, the Huntress meets an eccentric young gambler named Bat Lash, who goes by the nickname of the Maverick. But as she investigates the man who is descended from the original Bat Lash of the Old West, will Helena Wayne end up falling for this suave gambler? Meanwhile, Helena makes a big decision in her life when she decides to adopt a twelve-year-old orphaned girl named Sonia Alcana!

Red Robin: Passing Bullets

by Bejammin2000
published October 19, 2004

Why did the Batman occasionally carry a gun in his first year, despite swearing never to use one? This story suggests an answer to that question, as Tommy Monaghan — the now-retired underworld assassin called the Hitman — tells Red Robin about his own encounter with the Batman back in 1939. He also warns that an old mobster injured by Batman back then is seeking revenge on his protégé, Red Robin. But how will Red Robin outdraw a criminal with the reputation of being the world’s fastest gun?

All-Star: The Return of Vic Valor

by Dan Swanson
published December 6, 2005

Four super-heroines and one super-hero — the Huntress, Corona, Insect Queen, the Mighty Isis, and Blackwing — are thrust into a battle extraordinaire when Vic Valor returns from the grave and attacks the JSA Brownstone! But what is behind this golden age hero’s attack on Gotham City? And is this the real Vic Valor? Guest starring Starman, Superman, Hawkman, Doctor Fate, and Bat-Mite! Featuring the debut of Zephyr!

Batman Family: The Wedding March

by Starsky Hutch 76, Immortalwildcat, Bejammin2000, Drivtaan, Philip-Todd Franklin, Dan Swanson, Blackwolf247 and Dave Barnowski
published May 5, 2007

This is the story of the wedding event of the season — when Red Robin and Power Girl get married! Dick Grayson (Red Robin) and Karen Starr (Power Girl) have been comfortably engaged for over two years without setting a date. But when Dick runs into an old friend and learns that his old flame has just died of cancer, it gives him a sense of urgency to set a wedding date for just one month from now. And that’s not all. Skeletons in the closet are brought to light as Dick learns he has a grown-up daughter named Rachel Levine, who was born from that old relationship. While wedding plans are made, others make plans to cash in on this high society event as well as take revenge on Dick. Can the Batman Family make peace with the dark secrets of the past in order to save this wedding from those who would destroy it? Featuring the debut of the U.S. Avenger and the Sparrow, and guest starring the Huntress, Bat Lash, the Superman Family, Stretch O’Brien, Bluestreak, and members of the JSA!

Batman Family: Thanksgiving

by Dave Barnowski
published November 27, 2008

How did one man’s love of flying help train the future Batman? How was it made possible for Dick Grayson to become Bruce Wayne’s ward? How was Alfred able to leave wartorn England to become the Wayne family butler? How was Selina Kyle able to complete her prison sentence in time to marry Bruce Wayne? What made Dick Grayson decide to study law? And how did Lucius Fox overcome an accusation of having Communist sympathies by Senator O’Fallon to eventually become the CEO of Wayne Industries? One man was instrumental behind the scenes in some of the most important episodes of the Batman Family. How much influence can one man have in his family? That question is answered here in the story of the late Philip Wayne, the uncle of Bruce Wayne who raised the future Batman after the murder of Dr. Thomas and Martha Wayne.

Batman Family: ’Twas the Night Before…

by Vendikarr DeWuff
published December 25, 2014

As Sonia Wayne contemplates her place in the world and in the heroic Wayne family, she is visited on Christmas Eve by a strange being: Bat-Mite! And as Sonia soon finds herself in the strangest adventure she’s ever had, forced to defend Santa Claus’ village from a vengeful naughty elf, she can’t help but wonder if she really has what it takes to be a true Wayne!

Future Tales

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