Batman Family: Thanksgiving

Batman Family of Earth-2: The Five Earths Project

Batman Family


by Dave Barnowski

How did one man’s love of flying help train the future Batman? How was it made possible for Dick Grayson to become Bruce Wayne’s ward? How was Alfred able to leave wartorn England to become the Wayne family butler? How was Selina Kyle able to complete her prison sentence in time to marry Bruce Wayne? What made Dick Grayson decide to study law? And how did Lucius Fox overcome an accusation of having Communist sympathies by Senator O’Fallon to eventually become the CEO of Wayne Industries? One man was instrumental behind the scenes in some of the most important episodes of the Batman Family. How much influence can one man have in his family? That question is answered here in the story of the late Philip Wayne, the uncle of Bruce Wayne who raised the future Batman after the murder of Dr. Thomas and Martha Wayne.

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