Batman Family: ’Twas the Night Before… Epilogue: Christmas Morning

by Vendikarr DeWuff

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Sonia Wayne opened her eyes, and she found herself facing the window, the sun streaming into the room as she woke up. Jumping out of bed, she slipped on her slippers. She grabbed her robe from her closet, not noticing the green and red costume hanging in the back.

Looking out the window, she smiled at the snow that had covered the street. She hoped the plows would be out, so the drive to the manor wouldn’t take too long. She ran out into the living room, looking for Helena. Not seeing her there, she ran to the kitchen and saw her adoptive mother enjoying a cup of coffee.

“Another ten minutes, and I’d have come in there after you,” said Helena Wayne.

“Sorry, Mom, I guess I was really tired,” said Sonia.

Standing, Helena asked, “Well, do you want to have breakfast first, or open presents?”

Sonia gave her a duh look and said, “Presents, please.”

The two hurried to the living room and took places around the Christmas tree. They took turns opening gifts, enjoying their time together. While going through the gifts, Sonia came across a box in silver wrapping paper that was addressed to her from Santa Claus. She was surprised, since she didn’t expect Helena to give her a gift from Santa. She tore into the present.

After removing the wrapping paper, she was holding a plain white box. Opening it, she found a snow globe. She shook it and watched the snow fall with the glass ball. It looked familiar to her, and then it dawned on her.

Within the ball she saw the residence, the workshop and warehouse, and the airstrip. It was a snow globe of the village at the North Pole. Then she heard a soft pop, and her eyes were directed to the source. High upon the tree, she spied an ornament dressed in a red Batman suit with a white beard, and… did it wink at her?

“Uh, Mom,” said the teen, “I think we need to talk about Bat-Mite.”

The End

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