Black Canary and Starman: 1965: Wings and Stars, Epilogue, 1986: Guilty Secret

by Martin Maenza

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Earth-One, 1986:

Dinah Laurel Lance knew now, of course, that she truly had been feeling those things for the first time. She thought that Green Arrow had helped her get over losing Larry, but in reality Ollie was teaching her about life itself. When the truth about her and her mother had been revealed, Doctor Fate mercifully removed the memories involving her father’s and mother’s more personal moments to avoid anything similar to an Elektra complex. She did, however, retain her mother’s memories of Ted Knight and the awful feelings of guilt that her mother had over her affair with Ted. One thing she was certain of, though, was that her father and mother did make up and were happy together for the last two years of their lives.

That’s why she had gotten so upset with Oliver Queen. Dinah could tell that Moonday Hawke had been the love of his life before her. Dinah knew what could happen, just as she also knew that she had to have faith in Ollie. She did, but the possibility just scared her. Her mother had entered into the affair with Ted Knight because she knew something was missing in her life. That something had been her daughter. Now there was a possibility that Ollie might have a son out there that he never knew about. (*) Could he resist the temptation that her mother could not? Dinah decided that he could. He had to. She sat down and turned on the radio. A song by Simple Minds played through the speaker.

[(*) Editor’s note: See Justice League of America: Time, See What’s Become of Me?.]

“Don’t you forget about me…”

The End

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