Jade and Brainwave: Mind Out of Time, Epilogue: Legends of Another World

by HarveyKent

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On a stage in a popular theater in New York City, a live television show was being beamed to millions of homes as the actors performed their carefully rehearsed skits. The set was made up to resemble a low-budget talk show, with a stained-glass window behind the host’s desk. The host was a male comedian dressed up to look like a prudish woman of middle age. Her guest for the evening was a professional basketball player, wearing his team uniform.

“We like ourselves, don’t we?” the comedian asked the basketball player. “I wonder who inspires you to jump around in your spandex shorty-shorts, getting all sweaty and tingly. Hmm, I wonder, could it be…?”

Just then, in a flash of golden light, Jade and Brainwave appeared on the stage. Silence ruled the theater, while everyone tried to figure out if this was part of the sketch or not.

“Oops!” Jade said, embarassed. “Right timeline, wrong coast! Sorry about that, folks!” The young heroine raised her hand, and in a burst of emerald light, she and her companion were gone.

Well, now,” the comedian said, still in character. “Wasn’t that spatial?


Back in Infinity Inc. Headquarters, Jade and Brainwave relaxed over coffee and tried to assimilate all they had seen.

“I still don’t believe it,” Brainwave said. “All along we thought that was their world’s Wizard, and he was… he was…”

“Someone else,” Jade insisted. “You know, Goldenhelm said we were destined to bring his world’s heroes together. I wonder whatever happened there? Did they go on to become as legendary as our own Justice Society?”

“We’ll probably never know, Jen,” Brainwave said, taking a sip. “We’ll probably never know.”

“Probably,” Jade agreed, a mischeivous look in her eye.

The End

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