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Times Past

Secret Files: Green Lantern: Times Past, 1931: The Porter

by Drivtaan
published January 7, 2004

High school student Alan Scott, working as a porter on a train one summer, encounters train robbers and must stop them with the help of a boxer named Joe! But when he learns that the robbers attacked Pete, the kindly old conductor, the future Green Lantern lets his temper get the best of him!

Secret Files: Green Lantern: Times Past, 1935: Consequences

by Drivtaan
published January 23, 2004

Four years after he viciously beat a train robber, high school senior Alan Scott still regrets his actions on that day. But when he’s invited to visit that robber in prison, the future Green Lantern is completely unprepared to learn the consequences of his actions!

The Brave and the Bold: Johnny Thunder and Wonder Woman: Times Past, 1941: Swings and Arrows

by Libbylawrence
published January 25, 2000

When Johnny Thunder stumbles upon a foul plot by the Nazi agent Baroness Paula von Gunther herself, he risks everything to prevent marriage and murder, all while trying to get a date for a party! Cinderella never had it so rough! Luckily, he can count on Wonder Woman and the T-bolt for help.

The Brave and the Bold: Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl: Times Past, 1943: The Eye of Bast

by Dr. Chloroform
published November 15, 1999

During the early days of World War II, the British discovered a strange artifact called the Eye of Bast. Amateur archeologist Shiera Sanders (Hawkgirl) has been called in to investigate it, accompanied by Lt. Diana Prince (Wonder Woman). It should be a routine procedure, except that the Cheetah is also after the artifact, which she believes can bring her great power. Can the two heroines catch on to the villainess’ plot before it’s too late?

All-Star: Times Past, 1950: War of the Water Worlds

by Libbylawrence
published April 15, 2001

Batman, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman have each encountered city-states that survived the ancient sinking of Atlantis, with survivors that include both air-breathers and water-breathers. But now an unknown foe seeks to take over all the water worlds through war! Can the assembled heroes bring peace to the cities of Atlantis when a legion of crafty foes want their deaths? And is a nomadic Aquaman ready to become king of all Atlantis? Guest starring Johnny Thunder, and introducing Imperius of New Rome!

Green Lantern: Times Past, 1963: Redemption

by Doc Quantum, partially adapted from Justice League of America #22 by Gardner Fox and Mike Sekowsky
published February 27, 2000

Twenty years ago, Green Lantern failed to save a child from being murdered for reasons that were unclear at the time. As time has passed, Alan Scott has begun to realize that the boy would have become a very important person if he’d lived. But although he’s completely unprepared to learn the strange connection between the Green Lantern of Earth-One and the boy he failed to save, will this fateful meeting help Alan find a sense of redemption, after all?

The Brave and the Bold: The Flash and Green Lantern: Times Past, 1976/1963: The Hounds of Limbo

by Libbylawrence
published January 31, 2003

The Flash of Earth-One encounters Doctor Alchemy once again, only to discover that his old foe is terrified by another menace! Meanwhile, the Flash of Earth-Two fights a strange alien being who mimics the powers of both the Fiddler and the Icicle! These strange encounters cause the Flashes to seek out help from the Green Lanterns of two worlds! With all clues pointing to the involvement of the Crime Champions, these two sets of heroes risk all to learn the meaning of the Hounds of Limbo!

Green Lantern: Times Past, 1963: Through a Glass, Darkly, Book 1: Dark November

by Doc Quantum, partially adapted from All-Star Comics #48 by John Broome and Arthur Peddy
published April 17, 2001

As Green Lantern and Doctor Mid-Nite finish up the last leg of the Justice Society of America’s Round-the-World Tour to celebrate the JSA’s return after twelve years, they pay a visit to their old friend Edmund Blake in Australia! But when news of the presidential assassination reaches their ears, Alan Scott can’t help but blame himself for failing to be there to save JFK!

The Flash: Times Past, 1973: The Family Business

by Immortalwildcat
published March 18, 2000

The Flash is about to make one of the biggest decisions of his life: to reveal to the world his secret identity of Jay Garrick! Little does he know that fate has other plans in store when his wife Joan becomes pregnant! How will the Flash deal with having a son when all his enemies know where he lives? Revealed here for the first time is the real story of how the future fastest teen alive came into this world long before he joined the family business! Guest starring Green Lantern and the Justice Society of America!

Late 1985 to 1986

Green Lantern: Emerald Renaissance

A Crawling from the Wreckage crossover

by Vendikarr DeWuff, Starsky Hutch 76 and JSAGL
published January 13, 2000

After healing his old friend Wildcat, Alan Scott the Green Lantern experiments with the Green Flame energies, unexpectedly granting youth to himself and his wife, Molly Maynne Scott. As the Green Lantern and the Harlequin enjoy their newfound youth, Marcie Cooper plots behind the scenes. But what is she up to? And when a Weaponer of Qward finds his way to Earth-2, it results in a new heroine called Corona. Special appearance by Jade and Obsidian.

Wonder Woman: It’s a Wonderful Life

by Libbylawrence
published January 12, 2001

Princess Diana wakes up on Paradise Island one morning to discover that her whole life as Wonder Woman in Man’s World had never happened, that she had never married Steve Trevor, that her daughter Lyta had never been born, and that she was no longer pregnant with their second child! But as she seeks her husband throughout time in an effort to restore the balance, exactly which version of him will she encounter, and which powerful foes will she have to defeat to save her world? Even George Bailey never had that big a problem! Featuring the final fate of Steve Trevor!

Wonder Woman: The Amazon Prince

by Libbylawrence
published February 4, 2001

The child of Steve and Diana Trevor is born, and it’s a boy! But this joyous occasion is cut short when Wonder Woman’s child is stolen! Is the kidnapper working for her enemy Mars or someone completely unexpected? Can the Olympian gods themselves have declared war on the Amazon race? Featuring the final fate of the original Fury, Helena Kosmatos, and introducing Troy Trevor, the Amazon prince!

DC Universe: The Race, Book 1: Candidacy

by Vendikarr DeWuff, Starsky Hutch 76, PaladinLgt, Immortalwildcat, Doc Quantum and CSyphrett
published April 24, 2001

With parts of America still recovering from the damage wrought by the Crisis on Infinite Earths a year ago, there are some who feel the U.S. Government hasn’t done enough. A new political party is born, hoping to help solve these problems, and they have the perfect candidate in mind for the next Presidential election — Jay Garrick, the Flash. What will happen when the fastest man alive runs for the highest office in the land? Guest starring the Justice Society of America and several other guest stars!

The Brave and the Bold: Corona and Arsenal: Girls’ Night Out

by PaladinLgt
published October 10, 2001

When photojournalist Alex DeWitt (the super-heroine known as Corona) is assigned to cover the opening of the new Bishamon Research and Development facility in Gotham City, a company representative is assigned to assist her in her story: Buffy Winter (the notorious thief called Arsenal). Unknown to either of them, the facility has been targeted by the powerful twins Sand and Rose. Can Corona and Arsenal stop the mercenaries from destroying the building without letting each other in on their secret identities?

Showcase: Corona: Photograph Smile

by Libbylawrence
published October 12, 2001

Alex DeWitt is troubled by a sense that her life has been oddly altered somehow. But how do these disturbing thoughts concern her heroic alter ego, Corona, and what connection can they have to a villain from another universe? Can a clue to solve the mystery come from an old photograph of her father?

Wonder Woman: Man of Steal

Part 9 of JSA: A Thunder God Among Us

by Libbylawrence
published January 4, 2002

When Superman attacks Thor in an attempt to steal his hammer, Wonder Woman must rein in the thunder god’s fury long enough for them to discover the real story.


DC Universe: The Race, Book 2: Parasite

by Immortalwildcat, Vendikarr DeWuff and Starsky Hutch 76
published August 8, 2002

Jay Garrick, the Flash, is running for President of the United States, but not everyone is happy about it. If a super-hero can run for President, why not a super-villain? That’s what the Ultra-Humanite figures when he throws his own candidate into the ring. And what will his partner Alexis Luthor do when she finds out the Ultra-Humanite’s dark secret? Meanwhile, the Justice Society of America gains two new members, and Jay begins to feel the pressure of politics.

Green Lantern: Total Eclipse

by CSyphrett and JSAGL
published September 27, 2001

In one terrifying blow, a mysterious shadow being takes first the rings and powers of Green Lantern, Obsidian, and Jade, and then the young Scott triplets! When even the Justice Society is unable to prevent the kidnapping, what is Alan Scott to do?

Green Lantern: Ascension

by CSyphrett
published February 2, 2002

Alan and Molly Scott, alias Green Lantern and the Harlequin, have decided to search for their missing triplets, even if it takes them to the stars. But will that decision cost them Jade and Obsidian?

Green Lantern: The Emerald Guardians

by CSyphrett
published July 19, 2002

Green Lantern and his extended family find themselves scattered across the savage world of Thanagar, where they are caught between the rival forces of the Guardian and of the Light in a conflict they don’t understand! Now the Scott family must reunite and regain their powers before the war consumes them! But is there a traitor in their midst? Guest starring Obsidian, Jade, and Brainwave of Infinity Inc.!

Green Lantern: Lanterns and Flame

by Immortalwildcat and LadyObie33
published February 4, 2003

Upon their return from the planet Thanagar, Green Lantern, Jade, and Obsidian set out to discover the truth about Frances Kane. What they find is so much more. Looking in to the Black Shadow Society, enemies of the Silver Phoenix Order, leads to an epic battle in the dreaded Shadow Realm! Guest starring the Shade!

Wonder Woman: The Olympian Games

Part 1 of The Six Labors of Wonder Woman

by Libbylawrence
published February 15, 2002

Wonder Woman is ordered to defend her right to represent the Olympians by battling a new champion, Zha-Vam, who holds the power of numerous gods! But when the Olympians themselves are conquered by the fabled Titans, Princess Diana and Zha-Vam find themselves at the mercy of the gods!

Wonder Woman: Planet of the Apes

Part 2 of The Six Labors of Wonder Woman

by Libbylawrence
published April 5, 2002

Wonder Woman and Zha-Vam try to prevent the ape-woman Giganta from turning the humans of the world into her obedient apes, beginning with Cape Town, South Africa! Can an old forgotten hero of Africa help Princess Diana foil Giganta’s plot?

Wonder Woman: The Siren Song of Death

Part 3 of The Six Labors of Wonder Woman

by Libbylawrence
published August 21, 2002

When Holly Darnell, daughter of Etta Candy Darnell, apparently commits murder, Wonder Woman must solve the mystery before her best friend’s daughter is found guilty of the crime! Could another of her old foes have returned to plague her anew?

Wonder Woman: The Green-Eyed Monster

Part 4 of The Six Labors of Wonder Woman

by Libbylawrence
published July 17, 2003

When Wonder Woman is summoned on her next mission by the Titans, she finds danger in Japan in the form of a Green-Eyed Monster created by her old foe, Doctor Poison! And she ends up receiving unexpected help in the form of a super-powered mutant teenager named Toshi Shiomi, who becomes Wonder Girl!

The Flash: The Epilogue

by Drivtaan
published February 12, 2004

It is said that death is no respecter of person or place, and apparently, it isn’t hampered by time, either. As it unites the past and the future, Jay Garrick, the original Flash, is given the opportunity to say goodbye to two men who were very important in his life.


All-Star: The Return of Vic Valor

by Dan Swanson
published December 6, 2005

Four super-heroines and one super-hero — the Huntress, Corona, Insect Queen, the Mighty Isis, and Blackwing — are thrust into a battle extraordinaire when Vic Valor returns from the grave and attacks the JSA Brownstone! But what is behind this golden age hero’s attack on Gotham City? And is this the real Vic Valor? Guest starring Starman, Superman, Hawkman, Doctor Fate, and Bat-Mite! Featuring the debut of Zephyr!

DC Universe: The Race, Book 3: Dirty Tricks

by Immortalwildcat, Dan Swanson, Christine Nightstar and Starsky Hutch 76
published May 24, 2006

As Jay Garrick’s presidential campaign enters election year 1988, the stakes become higher, and the race becomes deadlier when the Illuminati begins manipulating the media! And the campaign becomes even more complicated when an old plan by Superman’s dead arch-enemy becomes activated, bringing new players into the game with their own agenda. With all the cards stacked against him, does the Flash have any hope of winning the race? Guest starring Green Lantern, Lois Lane Kent, Plasticman, and Americommando, and introducing American Girl!

The Brave and the Bold: Green Lantern and Starman: Danger from Above

by Dan Swanson, with Drivtaan
published October 1, 2008

When a massive asteroid named Damocles threatens Earth, Green Lantern and Starman head into outer space to divert the danger from above. But as they investigate, the two JSA members are attacked by a few old enemies from the planet Mars who manage to disable their powers! Can Alan Scott and Ted Knight figure out a way to regain control over the power ring and the cosmic rod in time to save the Earth from destruction? Introducing the Lawman of Mars!

DC Universe: The Race, Book 4: Endgame

by Immortalwildcat
published May 11, 2011

With the race for the U.S. presidency coming to an end, Jay Garrick and his team expose a plot to manipulate the upcoming vote, but deep questions still remain. Why is the Flash running for office, and for what hidden reasons did his campaign managers approach him in the first place? Is politics simply too dirty a game for a super-hero to be involved? And will the outcome of the election place a puppet in the White House, one way or another? Don’t miss the exciting conclusion of the Race! Guest starring the Justice Society of America!

Weird Mystery Tales: What if the Flash Won the Race?

The Race crossover

by Immortalwildcat, with Doc Quantum
published May 11, 2011

What if Jay Garrick, the Flash, had been successful in his bid to become the next U.S. President? Join Destiny as he explores how some events would have played out differently, and how some events were simply fated to happen, even in this alternate reality.