DC Universe: Comes a Hero, Epilogue: The Wrap-Up

by Blackwolf247

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“Local authorities are thanking the Center for Disease Control and the timely delivery of medical supplies by Johnny Quick for the fact that hundreds, if not thousands of lives were saved today. And Superman, who found and removed the apparent source of the mystery plague yesterday, deserves a round of applause. Olson Alvarez, WSEM Action News 11.”


December 22, 2000:

Rear Admiral Albert Calavacci felt uncomfortable in his old starched uniform as he made his way to the room he’d been told to visit. But he felt better when the woman he came to see recognized him and smiled broadly.

“Admiral Calavicci! What a pleasant surprise! I never thought I would see you again!”

“Mrs. Durrel, I was glad Ziggy found you, and that you were still alive when I did. Here, these flowers are for you.”

“Thank you, Al.”

“You’re looking good, Mrs. Durrel.”

“Oh, come on. I’m one-hundred and two years old, so please, call me Maggie. Everyone does nowadays. So, sit yourself down and tell me — what’s Sam up to now?”

“Well, right now he’s in 1976, playing — believe it or not — for a semi-pro football team.”

The two sat and talked for hours.

The End

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