DC Universe: Crawling from the Wreckage, Book 1: Crisis Aftermath

Crawling from the Wreckage: The Five Earths Project

DC Universe

Crawling from the Wreckage

Book 1: Crisis Aftermath

by JSAGL, Starsky Hutch 76, Anubis8, Rubberman41 and LadyObie33

In the aftermath of the Crisis on Infinite Earths, the heroes in the Justice Society of America and Infinity Inc. try to pick up the pieces. Hawkman, Wildcat, and the Huntress are injured. Superman and his wife Lois find themselves new adoptive parents to the orphaned Superboy from Earth-Prime. Roy Harper (the former Speedy) and Jesse Chambers (daughter of Johnny Quick and Liberty Belle) contemplate a future with Infinity Inc. The barrier to Earth-One has become impassable, and Starman seeks help getting there from his old friend, Professor Maximillian Arturo. From the ashes of the Crisis, three new heroes debut: Red Arrow, Jesse Quick, and the all-new Catwoman. Meanwhile, what villainous plot are the Ultra-Humanite and Alexis Luthor up to?

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