Doctor Mid-Nite: 1981: What’s My Motivation? Epilogue: A New Role

by HarveyKent

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Two months later, the telephone at Justice Society Headquarters rang and was answered by the member on monitor duty.

“Justice Society,” the hero said into the receiver. “No, this isn’t Doctor Mid-Nite. This is the Atom. Can I — you’re who? What? I see. Uh-huh. Well, if you’ll hold on, I’ll ask him.”

The Atom put the call on hold and called the laboratory where Doctor Mid-Nite and Hourman were working. “Doc? There’s a guy on the phone, says he’s Clint Reynolds’ agent. Yeah. Seems he’s doing a movie about you! No, really! He says Reynolds wants to follow you around for a while, get a feel for the role. He’s on — whoa! OK, OK, I’ll tell him!”

A bewildered Atom broke the connection. “I’ve never heard Doc use that kind of language before,” the Atom said to himself as he moved to answer the agent’s call.

The End

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