Doctor Mid-Nite: Nite Fall, Epilogue: Wedded Bliss

by Libbylawrence

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Niteshade gasped as she found herself transported to a spacious chamber apparently above the Earth. “Welcome, Dr. Soliz. I have brought you here to as an aide to a plan long in the making,” said a dark figure. “You will find others here with goals like yours… and mine.”

“Who are you?” she said. “I have a wedding to stop.”

“Alas, no. You must remain here training under my care until I say you will join us in a strike on the JSA.”

A redhead in a black and red version of Wonder Woman’s costume stood by submissively. “Orana, help Niteshade become accustomed to my leadership, won’t you?” he said.

“Yes, Master,” she said demurely.

Niteshade turned to follow. She really had no choice.

The dark man smiled and sat musing over some plan of his own.


Later that month, the whole Justice Society gathered for the joyous occasion. With Rex Tyler standing proudly by his side as Best Man, and Amanda Martin serving as Maid of Honor, Charles McNider wed Myra Mason Martin.

Carter and Shiera Hall, Alan and Molly Scott, Jay and Joan Garrick, Diana and Steve Trevor, Ted and Irina Grant, Al and Mary Pratt, Johnny Thunder and Daisy Darling, and Wes Dodds and Dian Belmont were the JSAers present, while Dr. McNider’s younger protégés, Dr. Beth Chapel and Dr. Pieter Cross, watched from the side.

Johnny turned to Daisy, who had resumed use of her maiden name since her divorce, and said, “Say, you know, it would be swell if that was us up there!”

Daisy smiled approvingly. “We’ve waited too long!”

In a flash, Johnny in a tuxedo and Daisy in a fine gown were at the altar with all paperwork, blood work, and legal niceties already performed. Serving as Maid of Honor, his adopted child Peachy Pet Thunder watched eagerly, while the Thunderbolt shed electric tears as he served as Best Man.

“I love you!” said Daisy and she and Johnny kissed after the ceremony.

The already-wed McNiders smiled in their own bliss. “Say, Doc, I hope you don’t mind my horning in on the wedding like that!” said a bashful Johnny.

“Say no more,” said McNider kindly. “You are welcome, and I, for one, am delighted to see this day for your sake as well as mine.”

The T-bolt smiled. “Ain’t love grand?”

The End

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