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Times Past

Weird War Tales: Times Past, 1938: Nanking’s Hope

by Drivtaan
published February 14, 2004

The Nanking Massacre, also known as the Rape of Nanking, was one of the worst times in China’s history. When a young man named Chen Shih nearly becomes another victim of the Japanese invaders, he is saved by none other than the god Kuan-ti. During this dark time, a new hero is born, but will Shen Lu Kai champion vengeance or justice?

The Brave and the Bold: Times Past, 1943: Get Lucky

by Drivtaan
published September 24, 2005

The FBI sends a man undercover to protect Lucky Luciano while he is in prison, and he takes the name of a missing crook named “Eel” O’Brian. But just who is this brave man of mystery? And which bold young daredevil will provide him the crucial information he needs from the outside?

Hop Harrigan: Times Past, 1943: The Christmas Island Incident

by Drivtaan
published January 18, 2012

It’s a typical day during World War II for Hop Harrigan. That is, until a sleigh pulled by flying reindeer crosses his path, headed for Japanese-held Christmas Island! Can Hop rescue Santa Claus in time to save Christmas?

Adam Blake: Times Past, 1954: Blake’s Seven

by CSyphrett
published February 10, 2001

A mystery-man called Adam Blake gathers a group of assistants to help him save the world. But who is this mysterious adventurer, and what draws him to a strange island in the Pacific? Guest starring Hop Harrigan, Tank Tinker, and Professor Carter Nichols!

Adam Blake: Times Past, 1954: Blake’s Joke

by CSyphrett
published March 17, 2001

A clown has been kidnapped, leading Kathy Kane Carson — the former Batwoman — to hire Adam Blake to find him. But the Joker’s involvement spells trouble for Blake and his intrepid group of adventurers. Who will have the last laugh at the end of the chase?

Adam Blake: Times Past, 1955: Blake’s Bullet

by CSyphrett
published August 16, 2001

Deadshot returns to implement an extortion scheme in Gotham City. Meanwhile, Deadshot is held hostage at an archaeological dig in the Australian Outback. Both situations can’t be true, can they? Which is the real Deadshot, and what is the reason for such a deception? Adam Blake and Batman individually race to discover the truth.

Adam Blake: Times Past, 1955: Blake and the Veil of Time

by CSyphrett
published September 26, 2001

Thomas Chantry dreams the future, but will the warning of a modern-day prophet be enough to save Gotham City from a cataclysm? Luckily, Adam Blake is on hand to ensure such a disaster doesn’t happen!

Adam Blake: Times Past, 1955: The Three Blakes

by CSyphrett
published January 29, 2002

All the Adam Blake of Earth-X wants is pieces of his other-earthly counterparts, but can Adam Blake of Earth-Two and his newfound brothers-in-arms stop a robotic Nazi counterpart from wreaking havoc on themselves and then their worlds? Guest starring Captain Comet of Earth-One and Atom Blake of Earth-S!

Adam Blake: Times Past, 1955: Blake’s Pilot

by CSyphrett
published April 3, 2002

When Hop Harrigan’s old flame goes missing along with a valuable prototype airplane, everyone but Hop thinks she left for Mexico to sell the prototype to the Soviets. Naturally, Hop recruits his fellow adventurers to help with the search, despite Adam Blake himself being unavailable. But will Hop be able to face Gerry Nolan when he finally does find her?

Adam Blake: Times Past, 1955: Blake’s Gunfighter

by CSyphrett
published June 13, 2002

Cully Morrigan is known as “Deadman” among his ex-associates in the underworld, thanks to his prowess as a former hired gunman. But when someone sets out to make that nickname more fitting during one of Adam Blake’s absences, Cully is forced to find out who’s gunning for him on his own.

Adam Blake: Times Past, 1955: Revenge of the One-Handed Man

by CSyphrett
published June 29, 2003

Joshua McCabe, the one-handed man, is out for revenge! He’s kidnapped the former Deadshot and other members of the Luna Foundation to accomplish his latest goal — to gain a long-lost powerful relic in England! Can Adam Blake and his assistants intervene in time to prevent the awakening of an ancient evil? And just how long has the mystery-man now known as Blake been around, anyway?

Late 1985 to 1986

Secret Origins: Tex Thomson: An American Tale

by Libbylawrence
published March 9, 2000

If you thought you knew the story of Tex Thomson, alias Mister America, alias the Americommando, you were wrong! Those are just three of the identities of this hero with many names!

New Fun: The Work of Heroes

by Immortalwildcat
published November 15, 2000

The Justice Society of America did more than protect the world — they also inspired countless others, including one group of young hero-worshippers who grew up do to great things of their own. But it takes a kidnapping to finally reunite the old gang together. Can these fans stop the kidnappers by putting to work as grown-ups the lessons they learned from the JSA as children?


Strange Adventures: Return to Rann

by CSyphrett
published October 24, 2001

After a failed execution on his planet for using forbidden technology, Sardath of Rann has stranded himself on Earth thanks to a one-way teleportation beam. Can the Hero Museum in California and an ancient Rannian ship discovered by Adam Blake in the 1960s help him find a way back home?

DC Universe: Comes a Hero

by Blackwolf247
published December 23, 2004

The small city of Seminole, Florida, is shocked by news of the horrible murder of four small children during hurricane season! But that is only a small part of the strange and mysterious events that soon occur, raising more questions than answers! Who is the mysterious woman in black? What is the mystery of the deep hole on Frenchman Road? What is the source of the strange disease afflicting the people in the city? Why is the police chief suddenly acting like a completely different person in the midst of this crisis? And will the child-killer ever be brought to justice for his horrific crimes? Featuring the Crimson Avenger’s nephew, Terry Lee Travis! Guest starring Superman and a very unique time traveler!


Future Tales