Johnny Thunder: Hectic Honeymoon, Epilogue: Moment in the Sun

by Starsky Hutch 76

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“You gave us quite a scare, old man,” Johnny Thunder said to Whatsituyah from beside his sickbed.

“Old man…” the old mystic said with a laughing cough. “I’m not that much older than you. That face you wear doesn’t fool me.”

Johnny laughed and said, “You know, it doesn’t seem right being in that ticker-tape parade without you. We wouldn’t have been able to beat Mala and Abraxis without your help.”

“But you wouldn’t have had to beat them if it weren’t for my stupidity,” Whatsituyah said ruefully. “Fortunately, I was finally able to see the error of my ways. I won’t be living in the past anymore. If only others could. They say there’s no fool like an old fool, but I think it’s the young fools like Mala the world has the most to fear from.”

“He’s one the world won’t have to fear any longer,” Kiku said. “His mind appears to be gone. He’ll probably spend his remaining days in an asylum.”

“From what you’ve told me about him, it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy,” Will Power said.

“You go, enjoy your celebration, and don’t think about me,” Whatsituyah said. “This is your day.” Kiku gave Whatsituyah’s hand an affectionate squeeze as everyone turned to depart, and it made him think even more of all the years he had wasted.

Johnny and Daisy Thunder, William Twotrees, and Kiku stepped into the waiting open air limousine at the beginning of the parade route, and it proceeded down the street to a thrilled Badhnisian populace.

“Now this is starting to turn into a decent honeymoon,” Daisy said.

“Say, you know who would really enjoy this? The Thunderbolt!”

“Oh, Johnny…” Daisy started.

With a flash, the Thunderbolt suddenly appeared between Daisy and Johnny. “About time I got some recognition around here!” he said, standing up in the seat. He raised his arms over his head, making the crowd cheer even louder.

“What a glory hog,” Daisy said.

“Aw, let him have his moment in the sun,” Johnny said, watching his old friend bask in the adulation of the crowd. “After all he’s done for me over the years, he’s earned it.”

The T-bolt gestured to the rest of them to stand up and join him, and they all waved to the adoring crowd as the limousine proceeded down the parade route before turning back to the palace, where they would all be guests for the remainder of Johnny and Daisy’s honeymoon vacation.

The End

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