Justice Society of America: 1946: The Wish Master, Epilogue, 1986: Happily Ever After

by Libbylawrence

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“Well, Daddy,” interrupted the Yellow Peri. “I know the rest. You showed Becka around and helped her adjust to her new life, and you fell in love, got married, and she became my mother!” She giggled.

“Exactly, and I owe it all to Johnny Thunder and Superman and the rest for bringing her here,” said Mr. Mxyztplk. “Poor Miss Gsptlsnz recovered, but I’d say she still has a broken heart.”

“But who was the evil force who tried to bring mommy under her power?” asked Peri.

“A witch from our neighboring realm, Fairyland — also known as the Darkworld or Grimmworld. Her name was the Lorelei, and she would end up trying to break through into the Earthly realm once more a year or two later, this time using your aunt, Sally Barnes, since she’d lost her chance with your mother. However, the JSA defeated her once again, though they didn’t realize it was actually their second confrontation with her. That time they even fought her face to her pale white face.” (*)

[(*) Editor’s note: See “The Invasion from Fairyland,” All-Star Comics #39 (February-March, 1948).]

“And of course, Willie Wisher returned to Earth once or twice, too, with his pal, Bat-Mite!” finished the imp.

The Yellow Peri sighed as her doddering old husband woke up. “Is it time for Letterman?” he asked.

She sighed again, more loudly this time.

The End

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