Justice Society of America: 1978: Watch the Skies, Chapter 4: Double-Crossed

by GernotCarl, JSAGL and GDL 629 19136

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Doctor Mid-Nite was just about to give the word to the rest of the JSAers to surrender, when all of a sudden the entire building shook with a tremendous fury, accompanied by a huge explosion.

“Those accursed fools!” spat the Ultra-Humanite. “They’ve double-crossed me and started their bombing already! Speedsters, cover my escape! Kill them all!

With that, Ultra fled the room, while Johnny Quick ran toward Hourman. However, Hourman’s fist shot out and kayoed Quick, while the Flash stood and shook, his face grimacing with agony.

“He’s fighting Ultra’s control! That’s why Johnny ran slowly enough for Hourman to take him out!” shouted the Huntress. “C’mon, Flash! You can do it! You’re not a killer!” All of a sudden, the remaining speedster slumped to the floor, unconscious.

“Hurry!” shouted Doctor Mid-Nite. “We still have to get this cure out!”


Meanwhile, in Duvolo’s flagship, the Neptunians were losing a one-sided battle as Hawkman, Green Lantern, Starman, Doctor Fate, the Atom, Johnny Thunder, and the Thunderbolt decimated their ranks.

“How can this be happening?” ranted Duvolo. You men are my elite fighting force!”

“They were your elite fighting force, Duvolo!” shouted Hawkman over the din as he took out another three plant-men. “But then they met up with the JSA!”

“So be it, Hawkman!” screamed Duvolo. “I ordered your surrender, and you defied me! Let the bombing of Earth begin!” With that, Duvolo pressed a button that sent a message to his armada. Within seconds, all ships started firing on Earth.

“Lantern! Fate!” barked Hawkman. “You’ve got to get out there and help the Earth! The rest of us can finish mopping up here!”

Flying into space, the combined mystical powers of Doctor Fate and Green Lantern created an ectoplasmic shield in the massive form of their old teammate, the Spectre, to protect the Earth from the Neptunians’ bombs. This magically animated “Spectre” acted like a scarecrow, stopping the bombing as well as striking fear into the hearts of the invaders, much as he was wont to do before he disappeared from their Earth nearly a decade earlier. (*)

[(*) Editor’s note: See “Where Valor Fails, Will Magic Triumph?” Justice League of America #83 (September, 1970).]

“I sense our powers may now best be used upon the Earth itself!” shouted Doctor Fate, teleporting himself and Green Lantern planet-side, specifically into the JSA Brownstone.

“Where did you two come from?” demanded Power Girl.

“Never mind her, men!” interrupted Doctor Mid-Nite. “The speedsters are down and out of this fight, and you two are the only ones here who can distribute this measles cure worldwide in time!”

The Green Lantern and Doctor Fate then took the vials skyward, whereupon they opened them. Using the magic at their command, the two created a gas that trickled down to Earth, giving everyone the cure as they breathed.


Meanwhile, in the flagship, Hawkman, the Atom, Starman, Johnny Thunder, and the Thunderbolt were still battling the Neptunians. Hawkman, seeing the false Spectre catch the bombs, and realizing that it must have been a creation of his magically based teammates, decided to play a bluff.

“Duvolo! See the huge creature playing ‘catch’ with your ‘deadly’ weapons? When he gets done there, I wouldn’t want to be in your shoes!”

Looking about at his decimated troops, Duvolo immediately called for a ceasefire. “You Earthmen have earned the undying hatred of Duvolo the First!” he hissed. “Your Starman destroyed all functions of this and many other ships except for light-speed, teleportation, and life support. We will now teleport you down to your home planet, there to await my terrible judgment! Then — GAAA-AAACK!”

At that horrible sound, Duvolo fell face-first, a knife protruding out of his back. His first officer stood over his body grimly.

“Duvolo was a traitor to our race!” he explained. “He cared naught of his people but his own glory! Indeed, we thank you, men of the Justice Society! Many praises will be sung of your victory this day!”


JSA Headquarters:

“Has anyone seen my dad?” asked Helena Wayne, the Huntress.

As Doctor Fate and Green Lantern had taken off to distribute the cure, the remaining JSAers, Doctor Mid-Nite, Power Girl, Hourman, and the Huntress started combing the headquarters, looking for the missing Bruce Wayne. They had taken the unconscious speedsters, the Flash and Johnny Quick, to the infirmary, and when the Huntress went to get her father, he was nowhere to be found.

Power Girl quickly scanned the building with her x-ray vision. “He’s not here, Helena. It is like him to vanish suddenly, though.”

The Huntress frowned. “I know, P.G., but something is very fishy here.”

“Huntress! Power Girl!” called Hourman. “There’s something you need to see on the monitor screen.”

The two young heroes rushed into the monitor room to see the GBC anchorman on the screen. “And now we switch you live to the president, who is at GBC studios in Gotham City.”

The camera switched to a podium bearing the presidential seal, where Molly Maynne of Gotham Broadcasting spoke. “Ladies and gentlemen, the president of the United States.”

She stepped aside as the president took the podium. “My fellow Americans, over the last twenty-four hours, we have seen alien ships invade our skies. In the last hour, I have met with Deneb, the alien ambassador, who has shared some startling information with me. It seems that, back during the 1940s, their planet was invaded by the Justice Society of America. One man in particular, Doctor Mid-Nite, infected their people with a deadly virus.”

The president hesitated for a moment, as if there was an inner struggle going on, then continued. “After talking with Deneb at length, and considering the actions taken by the JSA’s most famous member, Superman, earlier today, I have decided to issue an executive order calling for the arrest and incarceration of the entire membership of the Justice Society. In return, the Neptunians have agreed to call off their assault on our planet.

“In order to do that, I am here in Gotham City, with the man I have asked to lead this effort, Gotham City Police Commissioner Bruce Wayne.” The camera panned over to three figures standing to the right of the president, Molly Maynne, Bruce Wayne, and the woman who had all three under her control, Dolores Winters, the Ultra-Humanite.

The Huntress looked up at the view screen. “The Ultra-Humanite knows who my father is. We have to do something.”

“Agreed,” replied Power Girl, “but you know that this is a trap.”

The Huntress looked at Power Girl with a grin. “Of course — that means we just have to be a little creative.”

Doctor Mid-Nite turned to see an incoming message from Hawkman. “Looks like it will have to be really creative, Huntress, because Hawkman and the others have been trapped aboard the Neptunian flagship by the Ultra-Humanite. They have been stranded in orbit and are unable to escape. It seems the entire fleet has been deactivated.”

“Looks like it is up to us to save your father and the president, Huntress,” said Hourman, smiling the whole time. “I, for one, would love to hear a creative plan about now.”

“Doctor Mid-Nite, send a message to Green Lantern and Doctor Fate to help Hawkman and the others as soon as they can,” said the Huntress, speaking quickly. “The two of you come with me. We’re going to need some items before we leave, and I’ll fill you in on the plan on the way.”

The four got to their tasks quickly.

As Power Girl, the Huntress, Hourman, and Doctor Mid-Nite sped toward the presidential press conference, the heroes discussed their plans.

“Did anyone notice how shaken Molly, Bruce, and the president were during the president’s speech?” asked Doctor Mid-Nite. “I think they’re fighting Ultra’s mind-control, but Bruce is the only one there with any real experience in that respect. Even so, that does give us a slight edge. Huntress, do you have your father’s old uniform?”

“Yes, sir!” was the Huntress’ reply. “Once we get there, things should start hopping, so don’t forget, Kara, you and Rex will have to run interference for Charles and me with the troops already there.”


At JSA Headquarters, he opened his eyes to see the Huntress standing over him. “Welcome back. I was getting worried about you,” she said. “Are you recovered enough to do something for me while we go after the Ultra-Humanite?”

The Huntress explained her plan and handed him a videotape. “I need you to bring this to Washington, D.C. In the event that we fail, this tape will prove conclusively that the president is under Ultra’s control.”

As he made a quick phone call to Washington, D.C., the Huntress and the others left on their trip to the GBC building to confront Ultra. He stopped off in the infirmary before leaving. The Flash and Johnny Quick were still resting comfortably. He opened a window, and he was gone.


Minutes later, in the White House in Washington D.C.:

“Yes, Huntress, I’m in place. Good luck and godspeed to you four.” As he tapped his JSA communicator to close the channel, he swiftly changed into his civilian attire, a smart-looking blue business suit and red tie. “They might not listen to my alter ego, but they will still listen to Daily Star Editor Clark Kent!”


In Gotham City, the Secret Service had formed a ring around the GBC building to prevent unauthorized access. Those in charge were under the control of the Ultra-Humanite, so they never questioned the stop at JSA Headquarters, nor the sudden departure for the GBC building.

The Huntress looked through her binoculars. “OK, Kara, Rex, it’s up to you…”

Hourman took a Miraclo pill. The familiar rush of power coursed through his body. “Kara, are you ready to do this?”

Power Girl smiled. “Rex, I was born ready!”

Quickly, Power Girl and Hourman waded amongst the Secret Service agents. In the resulting chaos, the Huntress and Doctor Mid-Nite were able to sneak into the building.


Upstairs in the GBC Studios, Dolores Winters was gloating over how well her plan was coming together. The president, Bruce Wayne, and Molly Maynne were standing motionless, obviously under her spell. She turned to the four Secret Service agents. “Boys, do me a favor and step into the outer room. I need to speak to the president privately.”

Suddenly, there was a large commotion, and two heroes rushed into the room. It was the Huntress and the Batman.

“The Batman?! But I thought… Never mind. Boys, get them!”

As the Secret Service agents engaged the two JSAers, Dolores turned to her three captives. “I’m afraid it’s time to leave now. We have other fish to fry.”

The president started to move, but Bruce Wayne did not. His eyes were transfixed on Batman and the Huntress, who were fighting the agents. His brow began to sweat. The Ultra-Humanite glared at him.

“Commissioner, now! Or I will be forced to kill–”

Suddenly, two arms struck the Ultra-Humanite from behind.

“I don’t think so, you witch!” Molly Maynne cried as she assaulted Ultra from behind. Ultra turned, a murderous look on her face as she leveled her weapon at Molly. “That was your last mistake.”

Across the room, the Huntress saw the Ultra-Humanite pull the gun on Molly. “Molly! No!

But before Ultra could pull the trigger, she was struck unconscious by Bruce Wayne.

Quickly, the Huntress and the Batman, who had defeated the agents, rushed over to Bruce and Molly. “Commissioner, are you OK?” she asked, keeping up the pretense of her secret identity.

Bruce Wayne smiled at his daughter. “Yes, I’m fine. Seeing you and… and Batman… was just what I needed to shake off Ultra’s control.” Lowering his voice, he added, “You almost make a convincing Batman, Doctor Mid-Nite.”

Doctor Mid-Nite smiled from beneath the Batman’s cowl. “Praise from the master. I’m touched,” he said just as quietly. Turning, he added aloud, “Molly, how in the world did you escape Ultra’s control?”

Molly Maynne grinned and touched just above her nose, revealing the Harlequin’s glasses. “C’mon, now, Charles, give me some credit. You don’t honestly think that someone like Ultra could get the drop on the Harlequin, do you?” At that, their jaws dropped. They had no clue that this so-called mousey secretary had, in fact, been the once-notorious Harlequin.

“I’ve been wearing my glasses ever since the aliens hit town. And mind-control? The Injustice Society tried that on me back in 1947. I was never under Ultra’s control. I was just waiting for the right moment to take her out. I can trust each of you to keep my identity a secret, can’t I? Especially from Alan?” The three nodded, surprised smiles having formed on their mouths.


Back at JSA Headquarters later that day, the reunited Justice Society wrapped up their latest case.

“I’m still worried, Charles,” said Power Girl. “Cousin Kal’s been missing for hours!”

Just then, the mighty form of Superman leaped into the room. “I was just tying up a few loose ends after checking on the condition of our speedsters, Kara,” explained the Man of Tomorrow. “Unfortunately, while I was able to demolish all of Ultra’s mind-control equipment, he still escaped in the company of — if you can believe the eyewitnesses — a giant albino gorilla! Glad to see the gang’s back on Earth, though, Hawkman.”

“Yes, Superman,” said Hawkman. “Duvolo’s second-in-command was happy to return us to Earth, and he is a hero to his people now for slaying the traitor. I don’t think we’ll have to worry about the Neptunians anytime soon. And that was you our security cameras picked up on the monitors. All we saw were shadows, then you leaping out the window! Now, I want everyone to follow Doctor Mid-Nite’s orders and get some rest!”

“I’ll do that, Mr. Chairman,” replied Power Girl. “I think we’ll all need it.”

The End

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