Justice Society of America: 1982: Crisis on Earth-Four, Epilogue: Spell of Closure

by Libbylawrence

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At the JLA Satellite, Doctor Fate addressed the assembled heroes in the three teams. “The villains used by the Ghost have all been returned to their proper worlds. The Sunurians are without any god once more. The portals between worlds have been shut. There is but one final step to take to make our victory a sure one.”

Captain Atom was comforting a distraught Nightshade in his arms. “We’ll save your brother yet,” he whispered. “Just because this time wasn’t the right one doesn’t mean we won’t get another, better chance. Plus we’ve met and made so many more potential allies for when we do go.” She nodded bravely, hoping he was right.

Firestorm wondered if he still had any chance with Power Girl now that all had settled down. He approached her warily. “So, P.G., how about a more personal get together?”

She smiled and said, “Certainly. Call me… next time there’s a cosmic crisis.” And she turned her back to walk away. A cold smile played across her lovely features as he sputtered in dismay.

Peacemaker and Doctor Mid-Nite exchanged congratulations, as each man had proven his worth to the other.

Son of Vulcan handed an ornate mace to Hawkman, as Wonder Woman watched, smiling. “You keep this,” said Johnny Mann. “It is something you’ll value. I have access to many such weapons while I’m in this form. You and yours have been valiant allies.”

Hawkman admired the relic and said, “My thanks to you. This is a pleasure I won’t soon forget.”

Blue Beetle, Tyger, the Question, and Green Arrow, the Huntress, and Black Canary also gave their farewells.

“You know, you’re a lucky man,” said a grinning Blue Beetle to Green Arrow. “That Canary sure can kiss.”

Green Arrow frowned. “Yeah. I know. Now, aren’t you needed back on Earth-Four? I think the Bug Signal is flashing.”

Doctor Fate spoke again as Superman shook hands with Captain Atom. “The only thing that allowed the three rulers to dominate the Ghost and breach our worlds was their united will power from within their separate realms. Thus, I must remove all memory of these events from everyone so that the spell of closure will not allow them to remember the existence of the others. Then shall their powers never unite again.” He raised his hand, and magical energy flashed from him.

All heroes were magically returned to their own worlds and homes, and none recalled the events of this odd case.


In the present, the Magic Sphere displayed Fate’s flash of magical energy, and Hawkman turned to his wife and Wonder Woman.

“Thanks for showing me the origin of this mace,” he said. “I see it came from an expedition that unearthed some lost relics of the Roman Empire. Nice of the leader of that group — John Mann — to send it to Carter Hall. I’m glad the Sphere allowed me to see Mann dig it up, since I could not be there.”

Shiera yawned demurely. “Now how about some lunch?”

Diana nodded. “Indeed, I too am famished.”

They walked away as Doctor Fate’s spell once more preserved the true secret of what had been the origin of the mace.

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