Justice Society of America: Ancient Evils: The Shadow War, Prologue: The Return

by Libbylawrence

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A handsome blond man sat up with a sudden start. His silk sheets and luxurious surroundings did little to soothe his racing mind and beating heart. Beside him lay his beautiful wife; she slept on unaware of her husband’s nightmarish panic.

As he reached for the light and the phone, she stirred next to him and murmured, “What’s wrong, honey?”

He stroked her auburn hair and said, “It is time. They have returned; I must act now! The dream of our past lives makes it all too certain. It was so vivid this time. The desert sands, the night winds, the blackness everywhere… and above all else, the sense of corruption and lurking evil! If he is active once more, then all of us are in peril. It has been eons, but I have no choice. I must call our only hope.”

She sat up, revealing a white silk gown. “Prince Khufu?” she said. “You’re actually calling him!”

He frowned and said, “He goes by the name Carter Hall now.” Picking up the phone, he dialed a number. “Carter Hall? I am Lane Grange. You knew me eons ago by the name Lagra,” he began. Shadows seemed to reach for him even as he spoke.


Elsewhere, a stern man glared up at a windowless, doorless tower outside of Salem, Massachusetts.

“Soon, heir of Nabu, all too soon your blood shall flow, and I’ll feast upon your very essence while your feeble master watches in helpless fury!” he hissed.


In Keystone City, a beautiful blonde received a wrapped package, giggling like the young girl she still resembled.

“Oh, Jay, you imp!” she said as she opened the box and admired a shining ring.

Thus began the Shadow Wars of Earth-Two.

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