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Times Past

The Crimson Avenger: Times Past, 1939: Ghost of the Past

by HarveyKent
published September 7, 2003

In 1939, Lee Travis ventures to Hollywood to learn why mysterious accidents plague the production of a movie about the heroes of the Old West, the Trigger Twins! The answer shocks even the Crimson Avenger!

Seven Soldiers of Victory: Times Past, 1943: Return of the Dark Cross

by Libbylawrence
published September 27, 2001

In 1938, the Crimson Avenger faced the Dark Cross, a group of ruthless war profiteers led by his own godfather, Winston Smythe! All were believed dead until now, leading the Seven Soldiers of Victory to confront each of the Dark Cross members along with their hired guns! But will the Crimson Avenger accept an offer to become the new chairman of the Dark Cross in order to save the lives of his friends? And as Aquaman fights alongside the team, will he become the newest Law’s Legionnaire?

Seven Soldiers of Victory: Times Past, 1945: The Victorious Seven

by Libbylawrence
published April 23, 2000

The Seven Soldiers of Victory are visiting Hollywood in their secret identities to watch Greg Sanders (the Vigilante) star in his first feature film, The Prairie Troubadour. But when a group of super-villains draw each of the heroes out to battle them in their crime-fighting costumes, the Law’s Legionnaires end up stumbling onto a nefarious Nazi plot during the last few months of the war! Guest starring Hop Harrigan and Lady Fear!

The Brave and the Bold: Green Lantern and Green Arrow: Times Past, 1947: Gotham’s Greenest

by Immortalwildcat
published July 28, 2003

One night in Gotham City, Green Lantern (Alan Scott) encounters a group of hijackers who have among them an expert archer. Luckily for him, Green Arrow (Oliver Queen) is in town. Can this unlikely duo figure out the crooks’ game and put a stop to them before they rob Gotham blind?

The Crimson Avenger: Times Past, 1948: Losing Myself

Part 2 of The Nebula-Man

by HarveyKent
published November 18, 2001

The Crimson Avenger, sent back in time after the battle with the Nebula-Man, finds himself in the Aztec Empire. There he learns that the price of godhood is losing all memory of who he once was!

Green Arrow: Times Past, 1948: The Ballad of Green Arrow

Part 4 of The Nebula-Man

by HarveyKent
published July 30, 2002

When the explosion of the Nebula-Man hurled Green Arrow into the past, he landed in the time of Robin Hood! What happened to him there before he was rescued? Learn the answer now!

Showcase: Stripesy: Times Past, 1948: Danger in Ancient Egypt

Part 5 of The Nebula-Man

by PaladinLgt
published November 27, 2001

Stripesy, given great strength from his battle with the Nebula-Man, finds himself in ancient Egypt under the rule of the Pharaoh Akhenaten. But will his loyalty to a new friend cause his enslavement?

The Star-Spangled Kid: Times Past, 1948: The Caveman Kid

Part 7 of The Nebula-Man

by Doc Quantum
published March 31, 2012

In the wake of the battle with the Nebula-Man, the Star-Spangled Kid finds himself in the days of the caveman, where he struggles to survive. Even worse, he realizes that he’s brought the common flu virus back to this primitive age, which could potentially wipe out the human race before history even begins! Can the Kid find a way to quarantine himself before he infects the cavemen?

Showcase: Speedy: Times Past, 1948: Transformations

Part 8 of The Nebula-Man

by Libbylawrence
published August 14, 2002

After the battle with the Nebula-Man sent him back in time, Speedy finds romance and danger in ancient Greece, which is all par for the course for our young hero. But what happens to those left behind after he’s gone?

Green Arrow: Times Past, 1972: The Final Bullseye

by Libbylawrence
published April 2, 2001

In the years following the absence of the original Green Arrow and Speedy, a second pair of heroic archers acted as the champions of Star City while thought to be the originals! But when an old enemy returns to wreak vengeance on his hated foe and the city that he loves, will it be the second Green Arrow who hits his final bullseye? Read for yourself the last case of the second man who called himself Green Arrow and witness his finest hour!

Secret Origins: Times Past, 1982: Secret Origin of Flecha Verde

by PaladinLgt, with Doc Quantum
published March 27, 2002

Decades after the Green Arrow of Mexico retired from crime-fighting, a new heroic archer has arisen to take Flecha Verde’s place as one of Mexico’s greatest heroes alongside other members of the Superamigos! But what led Colonel Ricardo Martinez to don the modernized costume of the legendary heroic archer? Finally, the events behind the creation of the modern-day Flecha Verde are revealed!

Late 1985 to 1986

Arrowette: The Archer’s Legacy

by Starsky Hutch 76
published January 4, 2000

Bonnie Jones-Carter thought her future was set in stone by having a famous mother. She’s about to find out having a famous grandfather, the Green Arrow, will have an even bigger impact on her destiny. Introducing Star City’s newest protectors, Arrowette and Flare!

Arrowette: Legacies

by Libbylawrence
published March 7, 2000

There’s a new Archer in town who claims to be Green Arrow’s son and true heir. Is he a straight arrow or off the target? Guest starring Coral, Star Sapphire, and the new Black Canary!

Arrowette: Who’s the Arrowest of Them All?

by Libbylawrence
published April 4, 2000

Star City’s newest heroine, Queen Arrow, is a beauty queen with a bow. Can Arrowette manage to find some way to get along with her long enough to keep the Archer and the Dart from killing them both?

Law’s Legionnaires: The Deadlier of the Species

by Libbylawrence
published June 25, 2000

It’s ladies’ night as a group of angry super-villainesses led by the original Huntress form a plan to hunt down several super-heroines, starting with unmasking the heroic Huntress! Is Queen Arrow’s plan to form a new team of Law’s Legionnaires doomed from the beginning, or will the villainesses find that super-women are the world’s most dangerous game? Guest starring the Huntress, Wonder Woman, Liberty Belle, Power Girl, Black Canary, and Tarantula!

Secret Origins: Green Arrow and Speedy: Targets

by Libbylawrence
published August 22, 2000

Diana Dare, the archer known as Queen Arrow, investigates the secret history of Green Arrow and Speedy. What brought them together? Why did they move to Star City? Who were their worst enemies? And who was the man responsible for so many criminal archers? Finally, how in the world did Green Arrow and Speedy continue fighting crime even after their disappearance with the Seven Soldiers of Victory in 1948? Guest starring Red Arrow and Arrowette!

Law’s Legionnaires: Syonide Returns

by Libbylawrence
published October 6, 2000

Syonide, the female heir of an insane old Wonder Woman enemy, threatens to destroy the white man for his crimes against Native Americans, and she has a magic hammer to help her do it! Luckily the Flying Fox, heir of Chief Man-of-the-Bats, is there to put a stop to her crusade, along with the help of Queen Arrow and her Law’s Legionnaires! Guest starring Red Robin, Power Girl, and the Vigilante, and introducing La Castiga, the Whip!

Law’s Legionnaires: Darkness Unyielding

by Libbylawrence
published November 25, 2000

When three heroes encounter a monster made entirely of black light, Hourman and Blackout are kidnapped for their own ties to the strange energy source, leaving Lady Tarantula behind to call in help from her new team! Can the new Law’s Legionnaires take on a fearsome foe of the original Seven Soldiers of Victory and live to talk about it? Featuring Queen Arrow and Captain Triumph!

Law’s Legionnaires: Soldiers of Victory

by CSyphrett, Starsky Hutch 76 and Doc Quantum
published June 28, 2002

In 1948, the Crimson Avenger’s crime-fighting partner Wing — the unofficial eighth member of the team — sacrificed his life to save the Seven Soldiers of Victory from the Nebula-Man! But when an apparition of Wing reappears to two members of the old team, it appears that he may be alive after all! Can the original Law’s Legionnaires, reunited after all these years, save their friend from their most dangerous enemy without falling into a trap? Starring the Shining Knight, the Vigilante, Patriot, and Red Arrow, and featuring the debut of Dragonmage, Knightfire, Billie Gunn, the new Americommando, and the new Crimson Avenger!

The Crimson Avenger: Promises to Keep

by Immortalwildcat
published August 8, 2002

What do you when you return from the dead? If you’re Wing How, you look up an old friend — the original Crimson Avenger’s niece, Linda Travis — and revisit old times while planning for a new life ahead. Revealed for the first time is the reason Wing first donned a costume of his own way back in 1941!


Red Arrow: Reel Life, Real Death

by HarveyKent
published November 3, 2001

Roy Harper is invited to the set of a remake of a classic movie, but when someone wants the remake stopped, people begin dying, while lurking in the shadows is Clayface! But with the original villain long dead, Red Arrow must find out who among a handful of suspects has enough of a motive for murder to become the new Clayface. Introducing Maggie O’Toole!

The Brave and the Bold: Jade and Red Arrow: Star Search

by HarveyKent
published April 5, 2002

A young Hollywood celebrity has been kidnapped, and Infinity Inc.’s hard-traveling heroes Red Arrow and Jade vow to find him! Can they unravel the mystery in time, even while Jade still has no super-powers?

Showcase: Dragonmage: The Dragon of New York

by CSyphrett
published June 19, 2003

Years ago, Danny Leong’s father Victor — the Vigilante’s crime-fighting partner nicknamed Stuff, the Chinatown Kid — was murdered by the Dummy in a revenge plot against the Vigilante. But when rumors surface that the assassin who took the contract had a Chinatown connection, Danny investigates his father’s death in his old neighborhood. Can Dragonmage finally avenge his father’s murder after all these years, or will he become another victim of the assassin? Guest starring Billie Gunn of the Law’s Legionnaires!


Arrowette: Attack of the Fifty-Foot Bunny

An Easter Sunday story

by Starsky Hutch 76
published April 23, 2003

Star City is under attack by a 50-foot-tall bunny rabbit. You won’t want to miss seeing Arrowette and Flare take it down!