Law’s Legionnaires: Soldiers of Victory

Law's Legionnaires and Seven Soldiers of Victory: The Five Earths Project

Law’s Legionnaires

Soldiers of Victory

by Starsky Hutch 76, CSyphrett and Doc Quantum

In 1948, the Crimson Avenger’s crime-fighting partner Wing — the unofficial eighth member of the team — sacrificed his life to save the Seven Soldiers of Victory from the Nebula-Man! But when an apparition of Wing reappears to two members of the old team, it appears that he may be alive after all! Can the original Law’s Legionnaires, reunited after all these years, save their friend from their most dangerous enemy without falling into a trap? Starring the Shining Knight, the Vigilante, Patriot, and Red Arrow, and featuring the debut of Dragonmage, Knightfire, Billie Gunn, the new Americommando, and the new Crimson Avenger!

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