The Legion of Justice: Saving the Past

The Legion of Justice: The Five Earths Project

The Legion of Justice

Saving the Past

by Dan Swanson, Tynnechris, CSyphrett and Doc Quantum

The Legion of Justice, greatest heroes of the 23rd century, are on their most important mission yet — to save the past from the manipulations of Mekanique and Vandal Savage, who wish to destroy the legacy of the Justice Society of America! But as they travel back to the years 1985, 1988, and 2039, can the Legion of Justice save the past — any past — when time travel is so tricky? And can they save themselves as well? Meanwhile, what is Mekanique’s true goal, and is she the Legion’s enemy or their ally? Guest starring Wonder Woman, Kiku, Jemi Olsen, the Monitor, and Ape-Face!

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