The Missing Earth

The Missing Earth

by Dan Swanson

Showcase: Regor of Uuz: Times Past, 1969: The Menace of Bantor

Part 1 of The Missing Earth

by Dan Swanson, partially adapted from Superman #57, by Edmond Hamilton and Wayne Boring
published April 13, 2010

When giant robots from another world come to the planet Uuz for the rare and valuable mineral potassium, the only one standing in their way is the great hero, Regor. But as it becomes all too evident, this is a ruse concocted by Bantor, who holds the hero’s friends hostage. Can Regor put a stop to his arch-enemy’s plans without letting his friends get hurt in the process?

Showcase: Tharka the Superwoman: Times Past, 1969: Invaders from Earth

Part 2 of The Missing Earth

by Dan Swanson
published May 3, 2010

Original film footage from Tharka the Superwoman’s famous trip to Earth from her home planet of Zor years earlier was stolen — but why? Tharka learns the reason two years later, when her arch-nemesis Doctor Computeer declares herself Empress of Zor and forces Tharka to battle two super-powered foes from Earth — Captain Challenge and Muscleman! Can Tharka outwit her enemy and save her world before it’s too late?

Superman: Times Past, 1952: The Second Superman

Part 3 of The Missing Earth

by Dan Swanson, adapted from Superman #119 by Edmund Hamilton and Wayne Boring
published May 17, 2010

The planet Krypton, that planet of Superman’s birth, perished years ago in a catastrophe. But now, in the vast realms of the universe, there looms up a world that is a near-exact double of perished Krypton. Given a rare opportunity to learn about the Krypton-like planet Xenon, he switches places with his twin from Xenon. But while the young Xenonian Kell Orr plays the part of Superman on Earth, Superman soon discovers the terrible truth that the world of Xenon is doomed, presenting him with the greatest challenge of his life. Can the Man of Steel tamper with mysterious cosmic forces and save the world that was Krypton’s twin before it’s too late?

All-Star: Times Past, 1969: Aquarius Redux

Part 4 of The Missing Earth

by Dan Swanson, partially adapted from Justice League of America #73-74, by Dennis O’Neil and Dick Dillin
published July 6, 2010

After the Earth disappears, a handful of strange visitors from other planets — Kell Orr of Xenon and his twin son and daughter Larre and Kelle, Tharka the Superwoman, and Regor of Uuz — each independently investigate Earth’s disappearance. Yet are they prepared for the cause of Earth’s disappearance, the living star called Aquarius? Having just battled both the JSA and the JLA, Aquarius managed to trick the heroes into believing he was destroyed, when he actually fled into space with Starman’s cosmic rod. But Starman and Green Lantern guess the eons-old villain’s deception and track him into deep space. When the heroes of Earth rendezvous with the super-stars of space, will even their combined powers be enough to stop Aquarius?

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