Doctor Occult and the Seven: Mirror, Mirror, Prologue: Broken Mirrors

by Drivtaan

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Continued from Doctor Occult and the Seven: The Devil You Say

Ricardo Roarke awoke to a faint sound somewhere in a distant part of the house. It was the sound of breaking glass. He gave the sound little thought, however, knowing that his butler would take care of the situation. He was moments away from slipping back into the land of dreams when someone began pounding on his bedroom door.

“Boss!” The voice was an octave higher than normal and bore an unusual accent. “Boss, come quick.”

Ricardo was out of bed in an instant. He was tying the belt of his robe when he opened the door. His diminutive butler was already scurrying down the hall.

Three minutes later, the duo was standing at the door to the room of mirrors. Ricardo felt his heart drop as he unlocked the door and pushed it open.

Even without turning the light on, he could see shards of glass glittering on the floor. He could feel the beads of sweat forming on his brow as he touched the switch and light appeared overhead. The scene before him stole the strength from his legs.

Every mirror in the room was either cracked or shattered.

“Madre de Dios,” he whispered as he knelt in the broken glass.

“This is very bad,” the butler said.

“Very bad, indeed,” Ricardo confirmed. “Each of these mirrors was a portal to another dimension. They are now useless.”

“Do you think it was Morgauth?” the butler asked.

Ricardo nodded. “My family has been charged with keeping this diablo imprisoned for over one hundred years. Ever since the Crisis a couple of years ago, I have feared that he would attempt to free himself from the mirrors.”

“But, boss, if he is free, why haven’t we seen him?” the butler asked. “The door was still locked when I arrived, and it stayed that way until you came and opened it.”

“If he has not appeared here, then Morgauth must be roaming the paths to other dimensions seeking another way out.”

“What of Señor Lane and his friends?” the small man asked.

“Madre de Dios,” Ricardo said. “Since they were the ones who recently used the mirrors, it is possible that Morgauth will follow their path. My God, Ville! I may have condemned them to death.”

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