The Sandman: Crimson Tide, Epilogue: Recovery

by GDL 629 19136

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Five months later:

“Yes, Charles… she’s still working on recovery… The treatments have helped… No, she hasn’t… Yes, well, I’ve got to go and see to her now… Tell Rex that I’ll be at the meeting next Wednesday… Yes, take care… Goodbye.” Wesley Dodds hung up the phone and exited his study.

He looked down at his left arm, covered in plaster. Hmmm… That’s going to take a while to heal. Maybe Alan can help, thought Wes as he walked up to the bedroom.

Knocking gently on the door, he said, “Dian?”

“Yes, Wes?” came the reply from within.

“It’s time for your next treatment.”

Between Rex Tyler and Dr. Charles McNider, they had determined that some of the vampires who had survived were not fully transformed. The vampires that had surrendered were now being treated at a makeshift clinic downtown.

Luckily, they devised a method of treatment involving blood transfusions that would, hopefully, slowly flush out the disease. Most cases were encouraging.

Dian, unfortunately, being rather far along in the process, was proving to be a more difficult case.

Sunlight still pained her. Her cravings for blood had diminished, yet as a precaution, the Dodds estate servants were given an extended vacation while Wes tended to her needs.

“Hey, Wes.” Sandy Hawkins rested his hand on Wes’ shoulder.

Sandy, having arrived back from his adventure in London, had been of great support to Wes and his aunt Dian as she battled this affliction.

“We’ll get through this, y’know,” Sandy offered.

Wesley Dodds smiled at his junior partner who was, for all intents and purposes, his adopted son. “I know.”

The End

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