Secret Origins: 1982: Secret Origin of Flecha Verde, Epilogue: National Pride

by PaladinLgt and Doc Quantum

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By the time Fernando Cortez finally took office as the president of Mexico that December, the last of the traitors had been caught by the actions of Flecha Verde over the last four months. Thus Colonel Ricardo Martinez prepared to retire his colorful alter ego with some regret. It was President Cortez, however, who convinced Martinez that while the immediate task was done, a new one awaited ahead.

As President Cortez explained to him, a sense of patriotic fervor and national pride had arisen in Mexico focused largely around Flecha Verde himself, who had uncovered a network of criminals and corrupt politicians involved in everything from drug-running to child trafficking. Thanks to what Flecha Verde had exposed, it had become obvious to all that many of Mexico’s elite were little more than blood-suckers growing ever richer as the Mexican people lost what little they had. Now that the reformer Cortez had taken office, things would change. However, to serve the people and inspire them further, the archer in green also needed to remain active and continue fighting crime and corruption under the public eye.

Ricardo Martinez smiled then, secretly relieved that he wouldn’t have to retire his uniform after all, since being a hero had been the most challenging and rewarding experience of his life. Flecha Verde would continue fighting for the people of Mexico.

Indeed, in years to come, Flecha Verde would take his place not only as a prominent new member of the international Green Arrows of the World, but also as a member of Mexico’s own Superamigos. (*)

[(*) Editor’s note: See Dragon Knight: Starting Over, Chapter 3: The Scarlet Sword.]

In time, Martinez would also confirm his suspicions about who his predecessor really was, even as he would learn that he was the one who had been chosen to become Flecha Verde after all. The legacy of the Green Arrow of Mexico would live on for years to come.

The End

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