Secret Origins: The Secret Origin of Kiku, Epilogue: A No-Show

by JSAGL and Tynnechris

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While on the plane bound for Badhnisia, Johnny Thunder suddenly felt something he thought he’d never feel again — the buzzing of his JSA signal device on Priority One alert.

Pulling it out of his coat, he looked at the device with fire in his eyes. “Say, you’d think the JSA could handle a case without me.”

Right on cue, the Thunderbolt appeared. “Times a-wasting, Master John. That JSA alert sounds serious!”

And in a flash, Johnny and the Thunderbolt were gone, leaving a very confused TV reporter named Delbert Saxonfield wondering what had just happened.


Kiku listened to the news report. Johnny Thunder had disappeared, and advanced reports from the JSA Brownstone indicated that he had gone off with the team to save the world — again. The report also mentioned actions being taken by a new team called the Junior JSA. The idea intrigued her.

“If I cannot meet my favorite hero, then I will go meet his young friends!” She started turning the dial.

Continued in DC Universe: Crawling from the Wreckage, Book 4: Twilight of the Gods

Continued in The Legion of Justice: Saving the Past

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