Seven Soldiers of Victory: 1945: The Victorious Seven, Prologue: California Bound

by Libbylawrence

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Hollywood, 1945:

In a luxurious house overlooking the shore, a powerful figure addressed his servant in easily assumed tones of superiority and command. “This effort may be too late to achieve our goal. However, I do not give up easily. If nothing else occurs, our efforts will strike a demoralizing blow to the Allied swine.”

The small, dwarf-like man listened and nodded loyally. “Ja, Herr Baron! The lackeys have their orders. They little suspect their petty vendettas serve the glory of the thousand-year Reich!”

“More to the point, they serve me,” said the powerful man.


The Seven Soldiers of Victory assembled were a rare sight these days. Besides his own cases in New York City, the Shining Knight had spent some of the war in embattled Britain as a personal protector of Winston Churchill. The Crimson Avenger and Wing more often worked alone. The Vigilante increasingly left New York City to travel across the Southwest as needed. Yet on this night the Law’s Legionnaires, as they were often called, were once again gathered in full glory.

“No more valiant assemblage of heroism in full flower have I seen ‘ere the knights of Arthur’s Camelot met at the Table Round!” said Sir Justin happily.

“I reckon we kin take that as a compliment!” joked the Vigilante.

“Indeed so, my comrade,” said the Shining Knight.

“Actually, those are grand praises from someone who just left the side of Winston Churchill himself,” said the Green Arrow.

“Aye, and that brave soul has proven most royal, though he be the scion of a nobleman and an American lass,” offered Justin.

“He and FDR have worked well together thus far, as have we,” added the Star-Spangled Kid.

“Yeah, we got our own lend-lease deal goin’ on, what with the Arrowplane subbing for our Star-Rocket Racer,” added Stripesy.

Speedy nudged Wing and said, “We’ll need that speed to get to Hollywood in time for Greg’s big moment!”

As Wing How nodded silently, his employer the Crimson Avenger spoke up. “This movie Greg is making affords us a nice opportunity to go out west together, and as a news publisher, I admit the stories of the West Coast attract me… for purely business reasons, of course.”

“Ahh, y’all cain’t fool us!” said the Vigilante. “Lee, you got that crusading spirit driving you to look into the plight of the Japanese immigrants rounded up in those camps.”

“True enough,” piped up Wing proudly. “Mr. Travis insists on covering up his compassion beneath a façade of business. However, he does care. He and I hope to even see a friend of mine from my old village in China who lives in the Chinatown area of Hollywood.”

“The trip is one of favorable portents,” announced Sir Justin. “All bodes well for us.”

“So, Caly-fornia, here we come!” said the Vigilante.

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