Showcase: Jade and Obsidian: I Never Promised You a Rose Garden, Prologue: One of the Greatest Heroes

by LadyObie33

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When I woke up that morning, I called in to JSA Headquarters to say I would be a bit late for the JSA Reserves meeting that morning. I had an important personal matter to take care of first.

“OK, Todd,” Hawkgirl replied. “I understand. Just get here as early as you can.”

“Thanks,” I said, “I will.”

I have an important date to keep, I thought to myself. I have to pay a visit to one of the greatest heroes I’ve ever known! A tear fell down my cheek, but I was also smiling slightly.

Getting into my car, I drove to Carson’s Flower Shop to pick up my monthly order and spoke to Henry Carson, the elderly shop owner.

“You’re here a bit early, Todd, but your order did arrive on schedule. How do they look?” I examined the flowers, my special order of thornless pink roses. They were absolutely beautiful — perfect. I smiled and gave him his payment with a big thank you.

I then drove to the Park View Cemetery, where I walked up to the grave of my late mother, Rose Canton. I knelt down, took the wilting flowers from the holder near her headstone, and replaced them with my fresh ones.

“Oh, Mama,” I began; I had taken to calling her Mama, because I wanted to give her something special as well as differentiate her from the one I had called Mommy and Mom. My adoptive mother, Shirley Rice, had walked out on me and my adoptive father all those years back. “I miss you so much. I would give anything for the chance to embrace you just once! Dad, Molly, and Jennie are all doing good. I know you’re always with us in spirit. ‘Bye until next month. I’ll stop by sooner if I can.”

I then sensed something strange and felt a brief chill, but just as quickly as it came on, it went away. Weird, I thought. I wonder what caused that? I’ll have to see about it later. I got up, smiled, and walked away. I think I’ll stop off and grab a quick cup of coffee and danish at the cappuccino bar before I get to the meeting!

I did so and then went on to see Hawkgirl and the rest at the JSA Reserves meeting. This non-team wasn’t exactly the same as Infinity Inc., but they were a great group of people.

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