Showcase: The Legion of Justice, Epilogue: Meet the Legion of Justice

by Dan Swanson, based on a concept by Tynnechris

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From the personal files of General Urbane, Supreme Arbiter of Federal Justice and Supreme Commander of the Legion of Justice:

The Legion of Justice, current membership only:

Heroic name: Canary.

Real name: Regina (Gina) Lance.

Appearance: Canary is an attractive, athletic young woman with short blonde hair, wearing an indigo and yellow outfit.

Powers and abilities: Canary has sonic powers (including super-ventriloquism), and hyper-agility, and she possesses incredible courage and determination.

History: Canary is the oldest current member of the Legion of Justice. She has been a Legionnaire since she was thirteen years old, and she started in the Legion Academy at eight years old. She is something of a martinet.


Heroic name: Kid Terrific.

Real name: Cathy Beamish.

Appearance: Kid Terrific is an attractive, athletic young woman with long red hair, wearing a skintight red, yellow, and green outfit with a yellow triangle on the outfit’s torso that reads Fair Play in stylized script.

Powers and abilities: Kid Terrific is an incredible athlete and highly skilled in hand-to-hand combat. She has an implanted memory enhancer that allows her to mentally access external databases. In her belt are hundreds of memory modules with information on any subject she thinks a Legionnaire might need, and the Justice Enforcement Division of the government has a library of thousands more such memory modules.

History: Very few people can tolerate the implanted memory module, and only about one in a billion can use it as naturally as her own brain. Cathy is one of those rare individuals.


Heroic name: Star Lass.

Real name: Theresa Knight.

Appearance: Star Lass is a dark-haired beauty, quite short and wearing a black bodysuit that seemed to shimmer like a night sky full of stars. When she flies, she leaves behind a sparkling golden trail.

Powers and abilities: Thanks to the cosmic rod surgically implanted in her body, she can generate a shimmering golden force-field that can create various effects and she can fly. She also has natural weight-control powers, allowing her to increase and decrease the weight of things.

History: Star Lass is a physicist and descendant of Ted Knight. Since her weight-control powers are natural, she is perhaps a mutant due to her family’s long association with the cosmic rod. She is currently the most powerful member of the Legion.


Heroic name: Golden Boy.

Nickname: Sandy.

Real name: unpronounceable.

Appearance: Golden Boy is literally a large teenage boy made of gold wearing green shorts, with green bands on his wrists, ankles, and neck. He likes to wear whimsical accessories such as bush hats.

Powers and abilities: His body is actually made of gold, and he can stretch and reshape his body almost infinitely. He can absorb gold into his body by touching it, and he can withdraw his life force from excess gold in his body and then shed that no longer living gold. He loses control of his body when it is melted. He is a natural leader, with good natural wisdom.

History: Golden Boy is an alien from a desert planet, the first non-human ever allowed in the Legion. He is the fourth oldest after Canary.


Heroic name: Greenfire.

Real name: Drake Burroughs.

Appearance: Greenfire is a visored figure in a dark green and black body-suit, surrounded by a green glowing aura when using his powers. He leaves behind a blazing emerald streak when he flies.

Powers and abilities: Merged with the Starheart, the source of power for the twentieth-century Green Lantern, Greenfire can fire energy power blasts and fly. He can potentially create energy objects, grow, shrink, walk through walls, translate languages, and should be the most powerful member of the Legion, if not for his inexperience and seeming inability with the power.

History: Drake is trained as a scientist, and everyone thought he had a brilliant career ahead of him. He was working as a research assistant when there was an explosion that vaporized the Starheart and his body. He almost died before he managed to meld his mind with the mystical green energy. As soon as it was realized that he was still alive, the government drafted him into the Legion.


Heroic name: Timepiece.

Real name: Rexford Tyler.

Appearance: Timepiece is a paralyzed, very frail boy in a high-technology hover-chair that allows him movement.

Powers and abilities: His hover-chair has various prosthetics that responded to vocal commands, including waldos. The chair has antigravity and flight capabilities. Rexford has the natural chronal ability to remain one second out of sync with linear time and see the present; using this power, he can create time loops.

History: When he reached adolescence, Rexford Tyler’s limbs began to fail him. Terrified at the thought of spending the rest of his life paralyzed, he turned his genius-level intelligence to developing prosthetics that might allow him to at least care for himself. Once his hover-chair was completed, he turned to cybernetics and constructed the intelligent computer Gernsback.


Name: Gernsback.

Appearance: Not applicable.

Powers and abilities: Gernsback is an artificial intelligence computer program with subspace, radio, and time-communications capabilites. Gernsback can create boom tubes and monitor the past.

History: He was built by Rex Tyler on Earth and installed into the computers at Knight Base.


Heroic name: Teleteen.

Real name: Tommy Tamare.

Appearance: Teleteen is a tall, thin boy with a large head.

Powers and abilities: Teleteen possesses telekenisis, allowing him to move objects with his mind. Legion scientists theorized that he should also be capable of telepathy and other mental feats and that additional powers would manifest with age and practice.

History: Teleteen’s parents were assigned to the research base on Saturn’s moon of Titan, and Tommy is a mutant. Tommy is shy and withdrawn.


Heroic name: Chemique.

Real name: Not applicable.

Nickname: Mique or Micky.

Appearance: Chemique appears to be an Asian girl with short dark hair and a burnt orange and green uniform.

Powers and abilities: As an android built of synthetic materials, she is more durable, stronger, and faster than normal humans. She can control chemical reactions. Legion scientists theorized that she may have other chemistry-related powers, such as elemental transmutation and the ability to transform the chemical composition of her own body. If her powers manifest as predicted, she would probably be the most powerful Legionnaire.

History: Micky is fifteen years old and the first android ever allowed to become a member of the Legion of Justice. Her body duplicates exactly every human feature and function, including growth. She must eat special food composed of the chemicals her body needs. She wasn’t supposed to have super-powers, but when she reached adolescence and her body started to change, unexpected powers appeared. Micky has an inferiority complex because she’s not a real person.


Heroic name: Hourboy.

Real name: Randall Tyler.

Appearance: Hourboy has a face much like Rexford, his older brother, but he works out constantly and has the physique of a body builder.

Powers and abilities: Randall can dive backward into time. He can move backward for up to an hour. Once he reaches the depth he has selected, time passes normally for him, and he returns to the present. While he is in the past, he remains a phantom, able to see and hear everything that goes on around him, but he can affect nothing. He can move freely as a phantom and pass through physical objects up to a top speed of just under the speed of sound. He can carry about fifty pounds of stuff back in time with him. However, as soon as that stuff loses contact with him, it immediately pops to the surface, returning to the present. Hourboy can’t dive when he is already in the past, and after each dive he needs to rest one minute for each minute he just spent in the past. He gets sick if he spends too much time in the past, and his limit is about an hour every twenty-four hours.

History: Hourboy is fiercely protective of his older brother. He has similar intellectual potential as Rex but has never been forced to develop his mind. Instead, he has spent hours developing his physique, hoping that the physical problems that affected Rex would not touch him. He is highly skilled in demolition and weapons, and he is a very good observer and a good fighter with the ability to spring a devastating surprise on an opponent, such as vanishing from before the opponent’s eyes and instantly appearing behind that opponent.


Heroic name: Hawk Lad.

Real name: Horus.

Appearance: Hawk Lad is an unusual-looking Feitheran, a tawny-brown-feathered figure with a face identical to that of Hawkman’s original mask.

Powers and abilities: Hawk Lad can fly, talk with birds, and use his scream as a weapon. He has vicious claws on hands and feet, has incredible vision and stamina, and he always knows where he is. He is a superb air and space pilot.

History: Horus is the latest reincarnation of Prince Khufu of ancient Egypt and Hawkman. One of the youngest Legionnaires, Horus was allowed into the Legion Academy after Golden Boy showed that non-humans could be successful. He is fierce and almost single-minded, although the ancient soul of Hawkman is mellowing him. He sometimes screeches a hunting cry to punctuate his words when he is upset or angry.


Heroic name: WildCat.

Real name: Challenger Who Screams and Leaps is the direct translation of his unpronounceable alien name.

Appearance: WildCat is another alien the same age as Hawk Lad. He looks like a panther standing on two legs, although his face is as expressive as a human face.

Powers and abilities: WildCat possesses enhanced strength, speed, agility, enhanced smell, and hearing, and he has ability to jump long distances of thirty feet and more.

History: Chall, as he is known, is from the planet Elaigar, where felines evolved into the dominant intelligent species known as Pumans. He is one of the forty or so sons of the Empress of Elaigar. WildCat and Hawk Lad have a strange relationship; both are evolved predators, and they share a predatory mentality, but their species are naturally antagonistic. Mostly they ignore each other, but on the right kind of missions they work really well together, each understanding the workings of the other’s mind almost instinctively. WildCat has a fetish for human females. He has trouble speaking English and lazily tends to extend the letters R and E whenever he’s not trying to speak clearly.

Continued in The Legion of Justice: On Our Own

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