Showcase: Team Justice: 1959: Justice in the Making, Prologue, 1986: The Lull and the Gap

by Libbylawrence

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Power Girl sat in the nearly empty headquarters of the Justice Society of America while the Huntress flipped through some older files.

“You look bored,” said Helena Wayne.

Power Girl frowned. “Yeah, I really am… not that I want Per Degaton to show up with the Roman Legions or anything like that!”

“This lull is nice,” said Red Robin, entering the room. “Enjoy it.”

“I suppose,” said a brooding Power Girl, who did in fact crave action. “Say, you know what I’ve been wondering about lately? Whatever happened back between the time when the JSA retired and later regrouped? I mean, I know for the most part a few never fully retired, but they also stopped meeting regularly around 1951 and didn’t meet again until 1963. The thugs of the world didn’t go on holiday over that span of twelve years, so who handled them? I know cousin Kal, Wonder Woman, and you and Bruce never slowed down, and even Johnny Quick kept going for a time, but who else dealt with big disasters in the 1950s?”

Red Robin smiled. “Well, there was a team for a brief while who filled that gap before the JSA re-formed. Batman and I knew a couple of them well. One even was your predecessor of a sort — a super-girl in action if never in name.”

Power Girl kicked out a chair. “Well, tell us, O wise one! You know you want to. Batman stories are what you two live for!”

Still smiling, Red Robin sat down and began, “I guess it started back in 1951 or so…”

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