Showcase: Team Justice: 1959: Justice in the Making, Epilogue, 1986: Whatever Happened to Team Justice?

by Libbylawrence

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Power Girl leaned forward as the story ended. “So, because of personal issues and that disillusionment, the team broke up?”

Red Robin nodded. “Fury moved back to Paradise Island, and as far as I know, she’s still there.”

“Edmund Blake became a very successful naturalist,” said the Huntress.

“Right! He had a couple more adventures with a few JSAers in the early ’60s and later married his old girlfriend Joan,” said Red Robin. (*)

[(*) Editor’s note: See Green Lantern: Times Past, 1963: Through a Glass, Darkly, Book 1: Dark November.]

“Did Selena stay in Atlantis?” asked Power Girl.

“Yes, but she’s still likely youthful due to her heritage.”

“Who was or what was Enigma?” asked the Huntress.

“Team Justice never learned Enigma’s true identity,” said Red Robin, “and for all I know, he or she could still be active!”

“So this wonderful super-girl went back to Never Never Land?” said Kara.

“Yes, but from what Bruce told me of Clark’s own experience with her, she ages more slowly than we do. She might only be your age now!”

“Well, I suppose the JSA themselves returned to action not too much later, huh?” asked Huntress.

“Yes, the Justice Society regrouped four years later in 1963,” said Red Robin. “But Team Justice was active and helpful during part of that gap in the late 1950s. Too bad they never really got much fame.”

They stopped talking as an alarm sounded. “The Fiddler is charging down Broadway in a giant, fiddle-shaped tank!” said Red Robin.

“Well, P.G., that lull you complained about just ended,” joked the Huntress.

Power Girl smiled, and the trio raced off.

The End

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