Starman: Stars Be My Destiny, Book 1, Prologue: Destiny


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From the Shade’s journal:

Destiny, it has often been said, is unavoidable. Some people believe that one’s path in life is preordained. From start to finish, the drama and players in one’s life have been carefully crafted and apportioned to one by a higher power. Still others believe that destiny can be changed, that nothing in life is truly written until it has come to pass. I myself believe that both are true, and neither.

I have lived longer than most people could ever fathom, but of late I have chosen to make my home in the fair city of Opal. It is a jewel that shines like no other, mostly due to the efforts of one Theodore Knight, the Starman, Opal’s Knight in shining armour.

Not so long ago, Ted Knight began a wondrous journey, not by his choice, leaving behind his two heirs, David and Jack. The eldest son, David, has assumed his father’s mantle to the contradiction of the advice I gave him. He has proven to be every bit the hero that his father was, something I did not think possible, first joining the progeny of Ted’s contemporaries a year ago and now the Justice Society of America itself. (*)

[(*) Editor’s note: See Infinity Inc: Ancient Prophecies and Malcontents, Epilogue: Altered Destiny and DC Universe: The Race, Book 2, Chapter 1: Big Shoes to Fill.]

Young Jack, however, is nothing like his brother. He has rebelled against everything in his young life: his father’s rules, his expectations, and most importantly, his values. Much like Cain and Abel, Jack and David have fought since before they could understand what they were doing.

This day, however, would test young Jack Knight as he had never been tested before. David Knight would have a rendezvous with destiny, and his brother would be faced with a choice he never thought he would have to make.

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