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Times Past

Superman Family: Superboy and Clark Kent: Familiar Faces

by Libbylawrence and Starsky Hutch 76
published April 18, 2003

Superboy finds himself back in time in the early 1930s, where he encounters a familiar face — his foster-father Clark Kent as a teenager, who mistakes him for Superboy of Earth-One! Can Superboy get to know his dad’s younger self without messing up the timeline of the boy who would one day become Superman?

Superman: Times Past, 1938: Danger in Bohemia

by Libbylawrence
published September 13, 2000

After the betrayal of the Munich Pact, the inexperienced Superman tries to bring peace to wartorn Europe with his bare hands! But with Adolf Hitler seeking the Spear of Destiny, Superman has no idea that his very presence in Axis-occupied territory could threaten the course of history once Hitler gets his hands on that fabled talisman of power! Guest starring Nadir the Master of Magic and adventurer Tex Thomson, and introducing the Unknown!

Superman: Times Past, 1940: Bullies

A JSA Classified story

by Nadra Enzi
published January 5, 2009

In the early days of his career, Superman may not have known where he came from, but he knew enough to use his powers against those he hated most of all — bullies.

The Brave and the Bold: Lois Lane and Liberty Belle: Times Past, 1948: Women of Journalism

by Dan Swanson, with Immortalwildcat
published July 4, 2006

When journalism student Lily DeLuna attends a conference featuring famous reporters Lois Lane and Libby Lawrence, she has no idea that trouble will soon follow! As three super-villains attack the conference in order to kidnap Lois, the veteran Daily Star reporter and the retired Liberty Belle, along with Lily herself, soon find themselves in battle with the Sportsmaster, the Huntress, and the Oculist!

Superman: Times Past, 1952: The Second Superman

Part 3 of The Missing Earth

by Dan Swanson, adapted from a story in Superman #119 by Edmund Hamilton and Wayne Boring
published May 17, 2010

The planet Krypton, that planet of Superman’s birth, perished years ago in a catastrophe. But now, in the vast realms of the universe, there looms up a world that is a near-exact double of perished Krypton. Given a rare opportunity to learn about the Krypton-like planet Xenon, he switches places with his twin from Xenon. But while the young Xenonian Kell Orr plays the part of Superman on Earth, Superman soon discovers the terrible truth that the world of Xenon is doomed, presenting him with the greatest challenge of his life. Can the Man of Steel tamper with mysterious cosmic forces and save the world that was Krypton’s twin before it’s too late?

World’s Best: Superman and Batman: Times Past, 1958: Suspicious Minds

by HarveyKent
published December 5, 2001

It is 1958, and tensions threaten to tear the World’s Best team apart when the Daily Star is attacked by someone who wants to stop the printing of a special issue! At the top of Clark Kent’s list of suspects: Selina Wayne! Can the friendship of Superman and Batman survive even if the former Catwoman is innocent?

World’s Best: Superman and Batman: Times Past, 1959: ‘Tis the Season for Death

by Libbylawrence
published September 1, 2000

Superman, Batman, and Robin all try to enjoy the Christmas holiday, but old insect-themed foes and a revenge-seeking new one try to ruin their fun! Can Batman’s wife, the former Catwoman, save the day where the World’s Best team fails?

Late 1985 to 1986

Showcase: Insect Queen: The Last Laugh, or Cocoon

by Libbylawrence
published December 30, 1999

Lana Lang undergoes a metamorphosis as the Insect Queen when one of her TV reviews angers a not-so-merry Prankster!

Superman Family: The Adventures of Jemi Olsen

by Tynnechris
published January 12, 2000

Cub reporter Jemi Olsen, grand-niece of Superman’s pal Jimmy Olsen, is covering a routine convention when a trio of meta-humans suddenly emerges from the time stream. When they vanish moments later, along with Jemi, will they take her on an excellent adventure or a bogus journey?

Power Girl: Cosmic Balancing Act

by Libbylawrence
published March 8, 2000

Power Girl wakes up to find herself transformed into Earth-1’s late Supergirl, and she is not happy! When she discovers that the whole world around her has also changed into a bizarre fusion of two Earths, it’s up to the Girl of Steel to put things back to normal! Guest starring the JSA, and introducing the Yellow Peri!

Power Girl: Kara’s Quest

by Libbylawrence
published May 5, 2000

Kara Zor-L is a woman with an unusual upbringing, having grown up in the virtual-reality world created by the Symbioship. In an effort to connect with her roots, Red Robin brings Power Girl back in time to Krypton to meet her parents, and the two modern-day heroes become the Kryptonian heroes Nightwing and Flamebird! Back in the present, Power Girl tries to solve the mystery of her missing cousin Superman, leading her on a greater quest throughout time and space, while fighting Colonel Future and the Futurian, the Yellow Peri, and Alexei Luthor! But while she has adventures ranging from a second career as a short-lived Golden Age mystery-woman to exploring the microcosmos, her greatest concern is reconciling her relationship with her cousin after being angry at him for so long.

World’s Best: Power Girl and the Huntress: Power (Girl) Mad

by Libbylawrence
published October 6, 2000

Has Power Girl truly bared all, or could an evil twin be behind her exposed behind? But it soon becomes apparent to the Huntress that the real problem is that Kara Zor-L is quickly slipping into a fantasy world in which she’s living a normal life on Krypton! Can this World’s Best duo find the answers in time to stop the double Kryptonian threat of Nike and Kil-Lor? Guest starring Superman and the JSA!

Superman’s Wife, Lois Lane Kent: Smallville

by Starsky Hutch 76, adapted from Fargo, screenplay by Ethan Coen and Joel Cohen
published October 10, 2000

During a spate of unseasonably cold weather, the usually sleepy town of Smallville, Kansas, is shocked by a series of murders. When Lois Lane Kent, editor-in-chief of the Smallville Gazette, decides to investigate the murders herself, she uncovers a kidnapping plot gone awry. But can this veteran reporter with a nose for danger unravel the tangled web and keep from getting killed herself, despite being nine months pregnant? A lot can happen in the middle of nowhere. Introducing Clark and Lois Kent’s daughter Mary!

World’s Best: Power Girl and the Huntress: Survivor

by Libbylawrence
published October 13, 2000

While searching for the missing Johnny Thunder, Power Girl finds herself powerless on an island that has Krypton’s environment. Even worse, the island’s ruler Vance Corlin plans to make her his unwilling bride, and he has the strength to make her submit to his will! Can the Huntress overcome the tremendous Kryptonian gravity of the island to rescue Kara Zor-L before she falls prey to a fate worse than death? Featuring the one and only appearance of the new Nightwing!

World’s Best: Time Bomb

by Libbylawrence
published November 21, 2000

A bomb displaces Superman, Red Robin, Lois Lane Kent, and Power Girl through the time-stream! In Camelot, Superman assists his adoptive ancestor Brian Kent the Silent Knight against another descendant — Harvey Kent, alias the criminal Two-Face! In the 1920s, Red Robin meets a young Bruce Wayne in training as the original Robin with detective Harvey Harris! In the 30th century, Lois Kent helps Craig King, the Superman of that era, against a menace from the past! And Power Girl is sent back to the 1950s, where she assists Team Justice as Lightning Girl!

World’s Best: Power Girl and Red Robin: Dark Knights: Final Fright

by Libbylawrence
published May 5, 2001

The Scarecrow is dead, but which one of his insane children will truly be his heir? The Crane siblings set out to prove their right to the Scarecrow legacy, and only one can be the victor! Can Red Robin and Power Girl put an end to the plans of the Scarecrow’s progeny before the city knuckles under the weight of mass hysteria? Guest starring Blackwing and the new Redbird!

Power Girl: Power Trip

by Libbylawrence
published June 9, 2001

Power Girl discovers that she is pregnant, but who is to blame? Her quest for answers leads to the new identity of Kara, Warrior Princess, and a trip to Hel. But could her actions inadvertently lead to the birth of a new, fearsome enemy? Guest starring Superman, Red Robin, and Doctor Fate!


Power Girl: A Lesson Before Dying

by Libbylawrence
published December 5, 2001

Power Girl becomes the helpless prisoner of a new foe, Doctor Kryptonite, who robs the girl of steel of her freedom, dignity, and ultimately her life. Can the ghost of an old friend help Kara Zor-L find her way back to life?

Superman: Heritage of Hatred

by Libbylawrence
published December 7, 2001

Superman’s friend, the reformed Kryptonian traitor Kil-Lor, has gone missing. But has that got anything to do with the mystery of an empty graveyard full of friends and foes alike? When Colonel Future and the Futurian — two of his deadliest foes — cook up a scheme involving the reanimation of corpses, is the Man of Steel prepared to take on an army of the walking dead that is irradiated with kryptonite?

Power Girl: Carrington

by Libbylawrence
published June 1, 2002

Klara Ellis is a typical Victorian debutante who is immediately enchanted by the dashing, adventurous Lord Carrington. But does this man of mystery hold secret dark intentions that may threaten Klara’s honor? How will Power Girl fight for a happy ending when she’s completely unaware that she’s living the life of a fictional character?

Power Girl: School Days

by Libbylawrence
published June 8, 2002

When Lois Kent’s teenage grand-niece Lucy is arrested for robbery, she calls in Power Girl to find out the real story. But she finds more than she expected when the case takes her to a private girls school as a student! Who is turning teenage heiresses into criminals?

Power Girl: The Private Life of Karen Starr: My Dinner with Tracy

by Libbylawrence
published June 28, 2002

Karen Starr, alias Power Girl, finds more surprises than she expected when she takes a friend out for a birthday meal. Meet Tracy Owens, Karen’s personal assistant!

Power Girl: The Ring’s the Thing

by Dan Swanson
published January 4, 2004

A young punk named Kool McCoo is made an agent of the Lords of Chaos, getting a power ring built to his own specifications! But when Power Girl discovers the lewd way he uses his ring’s powers, he may wish he’d never been born!

Power Girl: My Killer Unknown

by Libbylawrence
published December 21, 2002

While at a computer convention in Washington, D.C., Power Girl encounters a mysterious female fugitive with super-powers and amnesia! Can she help the young woman figure out who she is and why she’s on the run? Meanwhile, Karen Starr learns that secret identities are harder to keep than she thought!

Superman Family: Superboy and Clark Kent: Familiar Faces

by Libbylawrence and Starsky Hutch 76
published April 18, 2003

Superboy finds himself back in time in the early 1930s, where he encounters a familiar face — his foster-father Clark Kent as a teenager, who mistakes him for Superboy of Earth-One! Can Superboy get to know his dad’s younger self without messing up the timeline of the boy who would one day become Superman?

Superman: Future Generation

by Goose Gansler
published May 14, 2003

Superman hatches a plan, with Superboy’s help, to finally bring Colonel Future to justice for his murder of Kil-Lor. But what part does the mysterious Futuro have to play? Guest starring Craig King!

Power Girl: Action Figures

by Libbylawrence
published June 6, 2003

Power Girl finds herself battling a trio of living dolls when the Toyman exacts his revenge! But who has the resources to grant super-powers to Big Barbi, Plaything, and Rainbow Sprite, and what is the true purpose behind these shenanigans?


Power Girl: The Waynes and the Kents

An Easter Sunday story

by Andrew Troy Keller and Starsky Hutch 76
published April 15, 2003

Kara Zor-L (Power Girl) reminisces over her first Easter with the Wayne family and realizes how far she’s come since then.

All-Star: The Return of Vic Valor

by Dan Swanson
published December 6, 2005

Four super-heroines and one super-hero — the Huntress, Corona, Insect Queen, the Mighty Isis, and Blackwing — are thrust into a battle extraordinaire when Vic Valor returns from the grave and attacks the JSA Brownstone! But what is behind this golden age hero’s attack on Gotham City? And is this the real Vic Valor? Guest starring Starman, Superman, Hawkman, Doctor Fate, and Bat-Mite! Featuring the debut of Zephyr!

DC Comics Presents: Superman and the Spectre: A Matter of Conscience

by Dave Barnowski
published July 12, 2007

The Spectre turns to Superman for advice about an unrepentant serial killer for whom the threat of eternal damnation holds no fear. But as they talk, the unprotected families of Jim Corrigan and Clark Kent are targeted by Zor, the so-called Anti-Spectre! Guest starring Superboy, Green Lantern, Doctor Fate, and Johnny Thunder!

Superman: The Man Who Stole the Sunlight

by Goose Gansler
published February 9, 2006

Even on a farm in Smallville, trouble finds the Man of Steel when he investigates a strange lack of sunlight in the area. But is Superman prepared for the return of the Light and his Light Brigade? Guest starring the Monitor!

Superboy: The Encounter

by ManOMight1974
published March 7, 2006

When Superboy encounters a familiar figure from the future — himself as the world’s future Superman — it’s only a prologue to his greatest adventure yet! The Ultra-Humanite has returned to do away with the original Superman once and for all, but he has no idea that Superboy might be an even bigger threat to his plans for world-domination in the years to come!

Superboy: The Wisdom of Youth

by Goose Gansler
published March 1, 2006

Superboy faces ridicule and humiliation at the hands of an ambitious alien when he meets R-Ban, teenage son of U-Ban, one of the three surviving outlaws from Krypton! But even if Superboy manages to defeat a foe with more experience using his super-powers, how will C.J. Kent regain his reputation?

DC Comics Presents: Superman and Chief Man-of-the-Bats: Ghost Dance

by Goose Gansler
published April 12, 2006

Superman is summoned by Chief Man-of-the-Bats and Raven to battle a mystical menace when the evil Black Elk Lodge attempts to start a ghost dance! Their goal? To bring back the dead villain Black Elk with enough supernatural power to wipe out the white man from North America!


Superboy: My Impish Valentine

by Christine Nightstar
published February 13, 2008

Having to keep two girlfriends happy on Valentine’s Day was a difficult enough problem for C.J. Kent. But what will Superboy do when Mr. Mxyztplk’s youngest daughter also gets a crush on him? Introducing the little darling of the fifth dimension, Miss Mtzyjnx!

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