Wonder Woman: It’s a Wonderful Life, Prologue: A Bad Dream

by Libbylawrence

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Diana Trevor smiled as she woke up and reached for the reassuring warmth of the life within her. Her unborn baby gave her a sense of joy that she had not felt since Lyta’s birth years before. If only her husband Steve Trevor could share the moment with her, but he was away with that Suicide Squad team. (*) She’d have to shut that group down personally if it continued to trouble her heroic mate.

[(*) Editor’s note: See The Suicide Squad: The Price of Redemption.]

She sat up wearing the filmy white tunic that had been the typical outfit of her sister Amazons for eons back on Paradise Island. “Steve will be home soon,” she mused. “Then we’ll talk out this matter of the Squad.”

Suddenly, an alarming feeling radiated through the beautiful woman as she took stock of her surroundings. Diana Trevor was not in the comfortable suburban Georgetown manor she shared with Steve. She was back in her old room in the palace on Paradise Island. She gasped in dismay as she realized her stunning figure was entirely free of any trace of pregnancy, yet she had begun to show months before.

“Hera help me!” she said.

A palace guard named Mippithine looked up at her. “What troubles you, Princess? Should I summon Dr. Althea?” she asked loyally with concern.

“No. But Paula might be of help,” she said absently.

The Amazon guard frowned. “Chief Scientist Althea is our most brilliant sister. I know of no Paula!”

Diana frowned and rushed toward the laboratory of Paula von Gunther, her trusted friend and former foe. The building stood as it always had, but only the stern Dr. Althea worked within the Hall of Science.

“Princess, what brings you from the embrace of Morpheus at this hour?” she asked. “A bad dream, perchance?”

Diana looked at the island she knew so well, and as it seemed so different from the life she had been living hours before, she said, “I pray that is all it is!”

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