Judomaster: Mozambique: Situation Critical

Judomaster: The Five Earths Project


Mozambique: Situation Critical

by Blackwolf247, with Doc Quantum

Rip Jagger, the man known as Judomaster, is a man thrust from his own time of World War II into an era not his own. Now Judomaster takes on his first new mission to discover what’s behind the strange events occurring in South Africa along the Mozambique border. A gigantic monster, called the “devil-beast” by the natives, has been rampaging across the countryside. But while the devil-beast may be an actual living dinosaur, what’s even stranger is who or what is behind its appearance! And even with the help of two unlikely allies — the Huntsman, a Soviet action-hero, and the Huntress, a ruthless Chinese mercenary — Judomaster may still be out of his league. Guest starring Captain Atom!

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