Premiere: Guardian: From the Past Comes Death, Epilogue: Out of the Ashes

by Libbylawrence

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Days later, the same group assembled and dressed in civilian attire as Jim O’Donnell, the Banshee, was laid to rest in traditional Irish fashion.

Bill Powers, the former Eagle, stood between Kimber Buchanan and Debbie Huston. He placed one arm around each girl and said, “Jim would be glad that his death brought us all together again. Maybe some good can come out of it.”

“I’d like to see some of them work with the Sentinels,” said Debbie. “They could be a real force for good. Even Zanzibar could, if he can be cured.”

“Rulah’s a problem, though,” said Bill. “Jane Dodge’s human body was destroyed in the fire, and she’s still trapped in the body of a gorilla. I hate to think of her like that.”

“Hey, with all the magic and science available to you guys, somebody will fix her,” said Kimber. “It’s not like anyone can help poor grandpa!”

“No, but he’s in a good place and is beyond all earthly needs,” assured Bill. “I’ll be happy to have you stay on with me, Kimber. I could use some company.”

Kimber smiled sadly and agreed readily.

Debbie said nothing. She watched the other mourners, and she hoped once more that just maybe, out of the ashes of the old, a new hope for all of them could be born.

The End

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