Premiere: Pariah: All Access, Epilogue: Axel

by CSyphrett

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Cathy Reynolds was six years old, and her favorite heroine was Wonder Woman. She idolized her heroine, actually making a costume and carrying a rope she had painted yellow. She liked to pretend to fight super-villains such as the Cheetah, Giganta, and Queen Clea, staging epic battles with these pretend foes in an abandoned building in Washington, D.C.

One day, the roof fell in on her. Cathy found herself trapped under the heavy wood with a broken leg and cracked ribs, crying for help but knowing that no one could hear her. The little girl despaired that she would starve to death, and that her skeleton would be found months later, rats gnawing on her remains.

That was when a miracle occurred. A man with short brown hair wearing a green hood over a red and blue costume suddenly appeared, holding out his hand to whisk her to safety. Introducing himself as Access, but telling her she could call him Axel, the man took her to the emergency room at the local hospital, appearing outside the ambulance entrance instantly. After explaining the situation, the hero vanished just as quickly.

Before leaving, Axel had muttered something else to the little girl before he left, which she told the nurses attending her. But none of them knew exactly what he had meant when he said he had found himself again.

The End

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