Sentinels of Justice: Watching the World, Epilogue: The Dome

by CSyphrett and Doc Quantum

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Geneva, Switzerland:

“They’re calling it the Dome,” Sarge Steel said as he met Comrade Zastrow after the U.N. vote. “A special agency of the United Nations housed here in Geneva that will coordinate action-heroes for natural disaster relief and special emergencies across the world. Are we agreed?”

“Staff split between our respective countries, with budgetary considerations provided by our super-agent programs,” said the sour-faced Zastrow. “Mission recruiting is to be handled internally by the special agency.”

“Thank you,” said Steel, smiling. “Christopher Smith will oversee the agency’s construction, with input from Son of Vulcan. I’m sure they’ll both be fair.”

“We’ll see,” said Zastrow. “As long as they ensure the agency limits activities to natural disaster relief. Any intrusion into sovereign nations under the Soviet Union’s protection would be frowned upon.”

“Just think of it as a new era of trust in international relations,” said Steel.


Somewhere in the United States:

David Crandall walked toward his workshop with a mixture of relief and enjoyment. He didn’t have all of his memories back, but it felt good to remember what it was like to be a hero again. The experience had also reminded him that he no longer wanted to play Nature Man, but he began to wonder if there was some way of putting his powers to good use without having to be an action-hero himself. Was there some way he could transfer his powers to a worthy individual? That way, the world could benefit from his powers while he could take the time to rebuild his life.

He saw a man standing on the corner ahead. The stranger’s hat was pulled low, and his coat and ascot drifted in a vague wind. David stared at the man, almost sure he knew him. The Mysterious Traveler turned and walked away, vanishing before Crandall could reach him. The man once known as Nature Boy smiled, a psychic flash telling him all he needed to know. He was sure his unknown benefactor had been pleased with the results of giving back some of his memories. This time, Crandall vowed, I won’t lose myself ever again.

The End

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