Sentinels of Justice: Invaded by Magic, Epilogue: Nightshade Forever

by Libbylawrence

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Saying their goodbyes, the Sentinels of Justice finally departed for Earth in a flash of purple magic. Once there, Booster Gold soon returned young Amy Winston to her adoptive parents on Earth. Neither of them explained what had happened to her. The little girl had no waking memory of her time in the magical lands, and Booster merely explained that she had wandered away from home until he found her by chance.

After a joyous, month-long reunion with her brother Larry Eden, now King Lareden of the Land of the Nightshades, Eve Eden finally returned to Earth as well. The siblings had promised to stay in touch, since she could now return there easily.

Back home in her penthouse, Eve gasped as she looked in the mirror. “I’m a girl again!” she gasped. “I don’t look a day over nineteen!” Indeed, the magic of Gemworld as guided by Citrina’s will had made the heroine younger, thus extending her own career.

“Dad will think I’ve had plastic surgery, but that’s OK with me,” she said. “Most rich girls do at some point.”

A knock at her door led her to answer it. She smiled as she saw Mark Merlin standing there.

“Eve, I just wanted to thank you for all you did for me while I was trapped in my cat form,” he explained. “And I’d like to pick up the little guy. He and I may have some wild times ahead.”

“You’re welcome,” said Eve. “And thank you for getting me out of the USSR months ago when we first met.”

“My pleasure,” said Mark. “And by the way, Agent X — who brought us together in the USSR — has a real crush on you. Just thought you should know.”

“He was very kind,” said Eve. “Still, I thought he was a bit old for me.”

Winking at her, Mark took the black cat and started to leave, then said, “That was a disguise. He’s actually not much older than you are now.”

Eve Eden closed the door and wondered just who the mysterious Agent X of CHESS had been and if they would ever meet again. They would, but that would be another story.

The End

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