Sentinels of Justice: Panic and the Pantheon, Epilogue: Meet the Pantheon

by Libbylawrence

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Remaining on the island nation of Cyprete with the Pantheon, Johnny Mann resolved to give them all the help he could. Maybe these poor people will become heroes, too, he thought. Maybe something good can come out of this whole mess!

The optimism was a sign that Johnny Mann had found himself again. It was nearly as promising a new beginning as the rising sun over the island itself.

In the days to come, the Son of Vulcan would come to know the members of the Pantheon very well as he began to help them come to terms with their new lives. As he learned more about them, the trained journalist in him began to summarize each of them in a notebook.


Saule is the leader of the team. Aleksandra Romanova can be described as a mysterious blonde beauty who believes herself to be a direct descendant of Russia’s doomed royal family. She hates communism and would defy Soviet rule any way she could. As Saule, she generates flames and is surrounded by a personal nimbus of fire. She can dampen the heat and generate cool, solid fireballs that serve as blunt projectiles that do not burn. Flight is one of the benefits of her flaming power. She has wealth of a mysterious kind and refuses to reveal the source of her income.

Leshy, alias Edik Fedrov, can grow to giant size and mentally control all natural plants, stimulating their growth and bending them to his will. He is a good-humored man who loves the wilder regions of the USSR. He is naturally a conservationist.

Yamm the Sea King, alias Viktor Akimov, is a former decorated submarine commander who may owe his powers to kinship with an undersea race who worshipped the original Yamm, from whom he takes his name. He is very strong and a fast swimmer in his natural domain of the sea.

Stribog, alias Timofei Kovenko, is a scholar who is close friends with Leshy and can control wind in many ways, an unseen solid air force-field being one use of his power. He teaches history at Moscow University. His wife is an American named Lenora Debord.

Aigiarm the Warrior Maid, alias Oksana Annenko, is the one member of the Pantheon who is least like her alter ego. Oksana is a timid, delicate woman who works as a librarian at the same college that employs Stribog. She loses self-control as the battle-loving Aigiarm and has no memory of her time as the female fighting machine. We will have to keep an eye on this internal conflict. Her powers include super-strength and invulnerability. She is a skilled wrestler and excellent with any weapon.

The End

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