Sentinels of Justice: Another Crisis on Earth-Four

Sentinels of Justice: The Five Earths Project

Sentinels of Justice

Another Crisis on Earth-Four

by Libbylawrence

A mysterious figure armed with power like that which destroyed universes during the Crisis on Infinite Earths begins gathering a horde of villains for a mission of evil and tempting heroes with offers they can’t refuse! Meanwhile, Ted Kord’s father is plotting against his own son in an attempt to force him to bend to his will by hiring an impostor to frame the Blue Beetle for a series of crimes! And a mysterious new hero called Supernova appears on the scene, but who is this masked man, and what is his purpose? Join the Sentinels of Justice as they battle evil on two fronts — on Earth versus a group of new villains called the Pseudo-Squad, and in outer space versus a threat to the universe itself! Introducing the Silver Scarab, and featuring the return of the greatest of all forgotten heroes!

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  • Alexandre José de Carvalho

    Earth-4 an Earth of Multiverse DC where an omnipotent superman possessing vast quantum powers omnipotent manipulator of energy and matter comparable to Doctor Manhattan of Watchmen Captain Atom / Captain Allen Adam commands the super-group of heroes “Pax Americana” formed by the superheroes who served as inspiration for the Watchmen: The Question / Vic Sage, Blue Beetle / Ted Kord, Peacemaker / Christopher Smith, The Judo Master / Hadley “Rip” Jaggar, Thunderbolt / Peter Cannon , Commander Glory / Jordan Jones Major of the American Army who fought in Persian Gulf War in Earth-4 verion more serious of General Glory of Justice League International and with super powers comparable to Citizen Steel Earth-4 counterpart of Captain Metropolis member of the Minutemen of Watchmen in Earth-4 of Pax Americana , Mohammed Justice Afro-American black superhero with the exact same powers of Mohammed X with powers over atomic density and gravity a black afro-american giant with heavyweight bodybuilder physique follower of the Muslim religion activist for black afro-americans rights only less radical than Mohammed X counterpart of Hooded Justice member of the Minutemen of Watchmen in Earth-4 of Pax Americana, Gladiator Gold / Michael Buck Rogers IV time traveling superhero coming from the 28th century with the genetically modified body with meta-humans super-powers being natural versions of the powers of exosuit of Booster Gold who used his previous knowledge acquired in the 28th century on the economy of the 21st century to become a billionaire owner of a vast financial empire in Earth-4 counterpart of Dollar Bill member of the Minutemen of Watchmen in Earth-4 of Pax Americana, Waspman meta-human mutant superhero with insect powers proportional to those of a Wasp like super-strength, agility, speed, balance, reflexes proportional to those of a Wasp, vision of 360 grades power to grow back Wasp wings that let he fly, keratin exoskeleton that makes he semi-invulnerable and gives he regenerative powers power to project by hand a “bio-electric blast” he calls “wasp sting” counterpart of Mothman member of the Minutemen of Watchmen in Earth-4 of Pax Americana.