DC Universe: Challenge of Shazam, Epilogue: The Vault

by Libbylawrence

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On the Rock of Eternity, the old wizard Shazam smiled with relief as he saw it all on the Historama.

“Tis done! My evil double is no more to be found within this universe, and his magical evil counterparts of my Squadron of Justice are no more. Black Adam, Invincible Man, and Dread are trapped in the vault that once held only Invincible Man, and the Black Adam Family members are secured in jails or juvenile halls without access to their mentor’s magical lightning.”

The wizard paused, then continued to muse, sadly. “While one champion, Fat Billy, has fallen and now rests in a well-earned afterlife, a new Lieutenant Marvel — Cool Marvel — has risen and shall prove most heroic in time! The Superior has reverted to normal and wisely mentally removed his briefly gained powers. He is a wise mortal!

“Only one matter has yet to be dealt with,” continued the old wizard. “Darkling and Chain Lightning’s return, as well as the latter’s new power to absorb the magic bolts, suggest the return of the Confederation of Hell, an idea given more weight with the addition of the evil second Master Man in King Kull’s plot. (*) Although both Darkling and Master Man were placed under mind-control by King Kull for his own ends, they appeared to herald a return of the Confederation. However, it also seems that the overshadowing events of the past few days have thwarted, if only temporarily, the plans of this particular group and its wicked masters. We can be grateful, at least, that the Confederation did not turn out in full force during these chaotic days like all the other villains who came out of the woodwork.”

[(*) Editor’s note: See “The Confederation of Hell,” Adventure Comics #491 (September, 1982).]

Shazam turned from the screen with a pleased look, while deep within the vault, Black Adam, Dread, and Invincible man roared in helpless rage… for now.

The End

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